Has anybody benefited from reducing/eliminating sugar from their diet? If so, how extreme did you go and how long was it before you noticed any improvement in your symptoms? Thanks.

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Good question- am also interested in this

Hi there! I just tried to see if I could find an article on google about a connection between sugar and symptoms but I’m a bit tired, having had a long, busy day, Christmas day. I ended up this evening, being very symptomatic and wondering if the huge amount of sugar consumed today had anything to do with it since, normally I limit my sugar intake. My homemade yule log was amazing, but… Must do some reading, sugar could aggravate brain inflammation. Interesting topic.

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Hi, like you j consumed more sugar than usual yesterday and today I am struggling to get out of bed" Related? Who Knows?

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Sugar definately affects all symptoms, but you have to have everything in moderation. ! Especially at xmas!
We did however have a bad reaction to consuming a large orange! Did not react well to that at all! Its a minefield out there.
Every days a learning day !

Yep, every day can be so different! I am still on a Xmas diet… Not good! Love to all, Kikki