Suggestions for suitable activities that also provide exercise

My oh is very hard of hearing, has very poor balance and sleeps badly so is often too tired for exercise programmes and can`t take up dancing. We have a programme of seated exercises but we would welcome suggestions for something that would allow less `programmed` movement. We have had the suggestion of patting a balloon between us and this has been good, left him a bit breathless and we`ve had a good laugh too.
We would really welcome other suggestions.
Thank you
C'mon eck! You must have an answer to this one. I find my exercise bike very helpful.

Without actually seeing your OH any suggestion runs the risk of being irrelevant and/or insulting, so forgive me if this is badly wrong. A beanbag on head or shoulder to balance as he walks?
Hi Lin & Mosie
Thank you for your suggestions. We do have a pedal exerciser but he`s no longer interested in using it. I think he`s got bored with it so will suggest it again in a week or so. We haven`t tried the bean bag but will give it a go.
Thank again
I dont know if this is any help but i have found that exercising on my bike whilst listening to radio Gold is really enjoyable. I use headphones but frequently sing along to the old 60's and 70's tunes and i am amazed how much more exercise i do than before when i was just pedalling. I also sometimes listen to radio 4 but somehow that doesn't produce such good results!
My current sing-a-long cycling songs are from Emelie Sande. Best when computer nearby
showing lyrics on You Tube.

I use a programme called 'Delay the Disease' you can do it at three levels, it really makes a difference. It come with a DVD and a manual with photos
hi hatknitter

i dont know if this would help but tai chi is very good for helping with balance i go once a week we do a lot of the exercises sitting and also i go to hydrotherapy which is also good for the balance, these classes are organized by my local support group dont know if you have one but its worth finding out and you will also get to talk with other pwp,s and there carers. sue.
Thank you everyone for your suggestions. The quickest to try will be music when using our pedaller and I`ll look out for the DVD and Tai Chi classes. Our nearest Parkinsons group is some way off but I`ll contact them and see what they suggest.
Yesterday we went to the Arundel wild life reserve. Had a great time but my oh wanted to go into the loo without the wheelchair. He did it but I think it made him realise he really must do regular exercises or lose his remaining walking ability.
All these new suggestions should help me `strike while the iron is hot`
Thank you again
Having two teenage boys means we have a lot of toys and electrical gizmos round the house,I've found using their Nintendo wii really helpful and fun as well.
and wii. you can play table tennis, bowling etc sitting down
Oh no, Turnip. With Wii games I really try to play the part. You should see my swing at golf! I couldn't sit down & play. Yes, try some Wii games (oh sorry, I've forgotten your name) if you have the "machine"- maybe not much exercise, but good fun.
Hi hatknitter,
I think it`s also important to exercise those little grey cells.
Along with the Wii Fit Plus package I also purchased the Wii Big
Brain Academy - I`ve mentioned this before in a previous post.
It`s really good, it includes various games to test your brain reflexes.
You and your OH could compete against each other.
There are a few videos of the package on you tube if you have a minute
or two to spare.
If your OH is into crosswords, there`s also a Wii package called My Word
It contains various games to help develop your vocabulary.
Before anyone asks - No, I don`t work for Nintendo, but if anyone from
Nintendo is reading this, I wouldn`t be adverse to any commission.:stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you to everyone who has given me ideas. We do a crossword from the paper each day. I do it first and write in the first letter of each word and then most of the time my oh can complete it.
Sorry, the bean bag was not popular. I hoped it would help him to practice holding his head up but he got rather cross so I shall leave that one alone. Pity.
The wii looks like a very versatile thing so I`m going to look at that next. I hope that its sheer versatility will mean we`ll be able to use it for a long time.
I do appreciate all the help and advice. I hope that other people will benefit too.
Love to you all