Suggestions please

Hello All
I was up at 4.55 its now 8.07am, so not much sleep then, I was reading
posts posted by other posters at 1.25am so as you can see by my wonderful mathematical brains calculations 3hrs30 mins give or take a few mins . Now this
isn't a problem I can catch up on sleep later but the short nap I had last night
or this morning more like was accompanied by the most terrible of dreams ,after such a nice day yesterday wouldn't you think pleasant dreams would be the result, however the reason I posted this post is unlike any post I have posted before,yes
yes I know Ill get on with it, and no I am not becoming unhinged,this post is a request for help, help to solve a major problem, You will all be aware of the fact that my favourite hobby is making models, mostly Aircraft but I will venture
into Armoured vehicles ships trucks and so on, you will also be aware of the fire
which destroyed many of my most treasured and most detailed of my modeling
achievements well my workshop was finally repaired to my satisfaction about 4 or 5 weeks ago and I have attempted to restart my hobby, can you imagine my disappointment when I tried to complete a kit rescued from the ashes,I couldn't
stop shaking ,I have many heath robinson devices to try and steady my hand but the shaking is much worse now and they no longer work, so my friends what do you suggest, I am desperate to get stuck in especially as I said on the rescued part
built item is a photo recon SPITFIRE21 named BLUE ANGEL after one of this forums
most prolific contributors , so apologies Blue Angel but I will not attempt
completion until I KNOW I will produce excellence ,so I await your ideas suggestions anything to steady my hands, thankyou.
Fed :disappointed::cry::confused:

Hello Fed, as a nearly-newbie I hesitate to offer you advice. But I have noticed that my termor is very dependent on my emotional state, and important things scare me. Maybe once you're used again to working with your hands your tremor will subside a little? Maybe you could start with a model in which you're not so invested, so it doesn't feel like so big a deal?

Hope something here works for you.

best wishes, Semele

My tremor seldom appears, and I know nothing about making models. Therefore, I'm offering you advice.

Mine is a resting tremor only. If I start working on some manual task, it goes away. However, I notice that when my elbows are bent and my hands held higher, as they would be if working on something on a table in front of me, my tremor often starts. If I just lower my hands to the elbow level or below, it stops. Do you think it might work for you? You'd have to find a low table or other surface to work on, and I don't know if building a model from that angle is even possible.

But I'm trying!

Hi Fedexlike,could your tremor be down to your medication.have you changed your medication. I only get a tremor when my medication isn't right. I know everyone is different ,it's just a thought.Angel 4u