Suicidal thoughts from medication

Annamee 6d
Hi my dad has recently had his stalevo increased to 175mg and has started to have a paralysis like symptoms and then not being able to swollen, he then experienced mental health like symptoms, suicidal thoughts, sexual urges, out of the blue like over night, and saying things like he could slit his own pets theoat.

This started like over night the mental side but the paralysis symptoms have got worse since he was increased on his stalevo. I’ve research so much and it all it pointing us in the direction of to high dosage, this has been for at least 2 months but prior to the increase he was absolutely fine & dealing with the Parkinson’s.

I’ve researched that to much can case all the symptoms my dad is having and I’ve told the hospital but still nothing seems to be getting done …I feel like if something isn’t done soon he might not come home as they are misdiagnosing his symptoms from the increased stalevo for mental health and I Know It’s Not

Package leaflet: Information for the user Stalevo This leaflet was last revised in. January 2021.

  1. Possible side effects
    Common (may affect up to 1 in 10 people)
  • mental changes – including problems with memory, anxiety and depression (possibly with thoughts of suicide)

Drugs That Can Cause Depression, Agitation & Suicidality Author: RxISK Medical Team Last updated: 2018

What risks can medications cause?
Prescription medicines from antibiotics to contraceptives can increase your risk of suicide by triggering:
a depressive or dysphoric state
agitation or akathisia
psychosis or delirious states

Even though the depression, anxiety, or suicidality that you are experiencing is written into the label of the drug you are on, your doctor may completely deny that this is a possibility when it seems obvious to you. Or just as bad, s/he may never point out to you that the symptoms you are having that you don’t connect to the drug, may in fact stem from this source. S/he will instead likely add in more drugs which will almost certainly make the problem worse.

International Akathisia Awareness Day Can Save Lives MISSD September 20, 2021,

September is suicide prevention month and today is International Akathisia Awareness Day because akathisia is a medication-induced disorder that can cause suicidal thoughts and suicide.

Akathisia symptoms can include: insomnia, agitation, inner and outer restlessness, skin-crawling, anxiety, and increased physical movements.

Healthcare professionals should discuss the risks and benefits of proposed medications and consumers should obtain informed consent before filling a prescription.

It is essential to be aware of all FDA warnings and carefully review patient information leaflets when filling prescriptions.
“MISSD advises that consumers identify a family member or friend to serve as a medication buddy who can help monitor for any unusual changes in behaviors when stopping, starting, or changing dose or type of certain medications,” said Dolin.

“While many nonprofits spotlight mental health and suicide, they keep akathisia in the dark,” said Dolin. This unacceptable failure may be due to their strong financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.