Sun beds

Please don't shoot me down in flames - I am well aware of the risks from sun beds!  However, every summer, I do like a few minutes on a sun bed every now and again to give me an all-over tan.  I am not talking about hours on end - just a few minutes here and there.  A tan makes me feel better and happier to expose bare (old!) arms.  Do we think that sun beds are a risk to those of us with Parkinson's?  I haven't dared use one since my diagnosis in February, but just wondered what others think.  Spray tans always look a bit orange I feel.  As i say, don't shoot me down - I am only asking!  And thank you!


Being a angler i used too spend a fair amount of time next too water i always seemed too have a tan even during winter, as work life  & health changed leading too a diagnosis of PD  i spent less time near it, i lost my tan and i also found i lacked vitamin D, I am more health aware now with this illness and i try too spend sometime fishing when i can and feel up too it for a few short hours as health dictates i have regained a little colour in a tan on my face and arms, building and maintaining that Vit D i hope,  but also making sure its not over done.


I don't know too much about this but there is an advice page on this site about PD and skin cancer which suggests an increased risk.  I'm also afraid that the Cancer UK advice on skin cancer is pretty damning regarding the use of sun beds and it too mentions a possible link with PD.

Personally, I don't think anybody will shoot you down in flames, I know I'm definitely far from perfect so wouldn't dream of it confused( I'm currently eating chocolate at stupid o'clock in the morning as I can't sleep - I know it's really not going to help but .......)

I figure it's best to read up on the subject and then make an informed choice; it may not be everybody's choice but we all make our own decisions and take our chances. 

I have always had that 'wonderful' purple, corned beef sort of skin colouring and have long given up any notion of tanning, but friends' daughters who have the more expensive spray tans look ok so it may be worth investigating. 

Take care, J


Thank you Jackson - I have been sitting here having a good giggle!  Know just what you mean about the corned beef looking skin, especially on my legs!  I always say I've inherited all my "nasties" from my lovely mum, but she had wonderful legs!  They escaped me! 

You have given me good advice and I think that my first stop actually is to investigate the more expensive spray tans, as you suggest.  I think that, all in all, I would feel better going down that route.

Hope that chocolate was nice - milk or plain?  I could just eat a whole bag of milk chocolate brazils now ..... !

Thank you again

Thank you Sea Angler - we humans are a bit like flowers aren't we, needing some sunshine to keep us happy and reasonably healthy.  I am impressed you continue to fish when you feel up to it - I can imagine you feel a great sense of achievement on those occasions!

well life is too short I go on a sunbed once a week for 9mins and have a sauna, steam room swim rest of week makes me feel better so I will keep doing it .think theres more danger in eating drinking smoking micro wave what else the list is long

What a lovely positive response - thank you Gus!

Probably more danger in crossing the road!

Thank you again - I hope you keep well and the dbs continues to work for you (just read your profile)

cheers doglover

                          what dog have you got ,lost my black Labrador may this year had her from pup would have been 15 this yr going on holiday to turkey in September 2 Weeks to top up ready for winter .then when were back shall get another female lab miss her so much ! my best mate


I'm soooo naive!! I thought you were talking about a sunbed that you lie on around a swimming pool!!!

I've never used an electric sunbed but always make myself get a bit of a tan in the summer because I have such white skin (especially my legs and face) I look quite ill and people stop me to ask if I'm OK.

A little make-up helps!!

Best wishes





Hi Doglover,

It was chilli and lime chocolate -.nice, but not to be recommended at half two in the morning as it turns out. I've decided that I may try spray tan on my legs after all so do let me know if you find one that works - - - I tried wearing summer clothes today and have decided that it's either spray tan or socks and sandals this year: the purple feet / ankles look has to go.

Hi Cassie,  I know what you mean about looking pale, I'll be taking your advice about the make up - I managed to get very sunburnt ears earlier this year (not my face or neck, just my ears - it looked very odd cool) so it's a hat in the sun from now on. 

J x


Casis I did laugh at your post, xx

Doglover A bit of what you fancy can't be to bad for you as you say you don't go mad and about spay tan's you don't need to spend a lot of money boot's do their own dry mist spray and they also do it in a gel I use the spray on my back and the gel everywhere else even to the point of faking a knickers' white patch and i have frequently had people say my tan looks great. The thing to do is do not apply lotion before hand it then act's a barrier except on any dry skin areas like knees and elbows.





Morning gus


We have an English Pointer - we took her on at 2 and she is now 7 (8 in February).  We knew she had issues, but not quite as bad as they turned out!  She can be very very aggressive to other people and dogs indoors, so we have to lead a "restricted life" when we have visitors, especially those with other dogs.  However, she is very loving with us and that's what matters.  We had a Pointer before together with a Samoyed (they were a devoted couple!)

You have my sympathy and understanding over the loss of your Lab - it is physically painful and all I can say to you is that you will start to remember all the good times and never think the bad times outweigh those.  I am so pleased you are going to get another dog - personally, we can't live without one and, of course, the walking helps our PD. 

Do let me know when you new addition arrives!  As you say, best mate and a huge part of a family!

I am going to give the St Tropez mousse a go on my legs (equally white and yukky!) but I am told that the application mitt is essential, not just to avoid "orange" hands but to ensure an even coverage.

Worth a try methinks - we can then compare streaks!!

my two daughters found it hilarious the night before my wedding ,i stayed at my mum & dads house .And my two lovely girls stayed with my future wife to be , and they all put self tan on in the bathroom what a picture the bath was dark brown! they fought it was so funny sending through pictures to my phone they got me there as im so house proud eye roll


Thank you bettyblue - I think I am definitely going to give one of these fake/spray tans a try.  Didn't know Boots did their own and their own things are normally good.

I will let you all know if I end up looking as if I've been Tango-ed!


This is lovely gus - there are some wonderful pet poems around and they all help in their way.  I heard a lovely one on the radio once about dogs going to heaven, but have lost the details about the author etc.  All I can remember is the last line about God saying he couldn't spend any more time chatting to the angels as he had to walk Buddy, the latest arrival.  It was humorous but very touching.

Strange, I'm just off now for a sunbed session. I've never tanned very easily naturally and so I resorted last year to sunbeds before my annual holiday. Like Gus I top up once a week usually, though I haven't been for a while. 

I always feel better when I've been, it also helps with my skin and reduces depression and it's so relaxing, a little bit of me time. I also feel healthier. I was diagnosed with Pd early this year and decided to continue.  I know the risks and accept them, an informed choice. 


The way i look at it if makes you better hey why not ,just don't over do it! nice to meet fingers