We have just spent a week in Zante in degrees of 40+ degrees and like our last holiday my wife has found that the warmth of the sun definitely suppresses some of her symptoms, notably the restless, twitchy, "heavy" leg she normally experiences.

Has anyone else noticed the benefits of sunshine? (not that you find much of it in this god forsaken country) or more practically can anyone recommend any heat treatments that may help her when the sun is not around.
from a mountain top in nsw
6.2 hours of sunshine per day
you bet it does
is it vitamin d
is it serotonin
is it just being outside more?
ps rather than heat
uvb light for vitamin d
bright light for serotonin
Hi All,

My holidays are usually rambling holidays and as you can imagine at 72, I approach these with some reservations these days. However, in Lesvos (Greek Island) and in Turkey in the last three years in temps above 35 degrees walking most of the day I have felt absolutely, ......., marvellous. I wouldn't dream of doing as much walking in the UK let alone up hill and down dale as I do on holiday as I know I would be absolutely knackered. I used to use a light box when I was working and I often wonder if this delayed the onset of PD symptoms.
Hi again,

I don't know what the underlining of the words "reservation and degress" is all about. Is it a bona fida Parkinsons UK survey or something more like spam?
Curioser and curioser - the underlining/ link has disappeared
Why cant you get this on prescription. Austerity.

Maybe we would be able to go back to work if we had a fortnight off in the sun every other working day. THINK ON INCUMBENT GOVERNMENT. THINK ON!!!!
Intrestingly enough. I found this quite illuminating (see what I did there?)

Would I have to go to the expense of a proper light box? Coz I dont think this one million candle torch is doing much. Its certainly not doing my retina any good.
I'm married to a Zimbabwean lady and we're flying there shortly. It will be much-needed trip for her to see her family again, my first opportunity to meet people I know only by name and possibly as a face in a photo and it will serve as our belated honeymoon too.

I've had Parkies for 7 years or more and I was worrying about the effects of the increased temperature and sitting around in the sun, but from what I am reading, it seems my concerns are without foundation, and I am now looking forward to going there. I can but hope it will have a positive effect on my dystonic foot, but we shall see.