Supplies of Ipinnia XL - 2 mg and 3 mg - cannot obtain supplies

I take Ipinnia XL - 14 mg per day.
Usually have one 8 mg plus three 2 mg.
Currently no 2 or 3 mg tablets obtainable
so am having to use 8 mg and 4 mg tabs .
Thus have to take 12 or 16 mg daily. 16 mg too much; 12 too low.
How to get some 2 and / or 2 or 3 mg tabs??

Hi Moddyrol,
We understand the frustration that comes along with these unfortunate shortages. We would recommend reaching out to our advisory team on our helpline, as they have access to local resources and may be able to help. Please do call them on 0808 800 0303.
With our best wishes,
Forum Moderator