Support coping with diagnosis

I`ve just been definitively diagnosed  via a DAt scan, although I had a negative scan 4 years ago.I`m  now 70, and it`s a lot to take on. I`ve just been prescribed Sinemet. Any tips on how to cope with the news? I`m reasonably fit at the moment.


Keep active and enjoy life is the most important thing to do and try not to get stressed about anything

Thanks Gus. I am fortunate as I am fairly fit and walk a lot. Also look after grandchildren, so not too much sitting around!


Hello Frances

Keep on with the walking, work hard at keeping in touch socially, the grandchildren will help there and don't be afraid to tell people. Better the neighbours all know you have parkinsons than some of them thinking you have become a secret drinker!

thanks Mosie! The irony is I`m really the only member of my family who hardly drinks at all! I haven`t yet told anyone---my husband and I got this  news a week ago, and just wanted to get my head round it before I tell my kids and anyone else.I`m lucky to be fairly fit at the moment.

Hi Frances,

The others are right keep active for as long as you can it will only benefit you with this condition I was dx in June 2013 age 47. Also take your meds on time each day. Some of us sort of go through a grieving process life pre PD and life after dx with PD this can creep up all of a sudden so if you start to feel down please get straight to your Dr's depression is common among pwp you have to nip it in the bud before it can take hold I don't wish to scare you but you need to cover all the bases. And make sure they review your med's at least 6 monthly.


Any worries any of us on the forum will be happy to help.


BB xx

Thanks for all the advice. Betty blue, I appreciate the comments, esp about reviewing meds.It`s all a puzzling business---x