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We have a small group of regular carers who are efficient, to an extent, though they are beginning to cut corners sometimes and speeding things up and saying they are glad to finish early… up to 15 minutes early when we are charged for an hour’s call! They could spend that time with OH, chatting.

I accompanied each of them on their first visits, some of them quite a few times, to familiarise them with the routine, even though it was written down.

Things have ticked along OK until this weekend which has been a bit of a nightmare and I would appreciate your comments on whether I am being a nit picking old so and so or not.

Friday am call: carer arrived having phoned in sick with D&V but was told to work. Spoke to a manager and expressed my concern as to infection, (OH is still very weak and on antibiotics), and was told that a replacement carer would be sent… someone who had never attended before. I got on with most of the care myself.

Saturday evening call: the least efficient carer came, after not being here for some weeks, and me still having to accompany them on the call after many visits. We had friends here and the hour call extended into 1hr 45 mins!!! with me having to pop out many times.They made many serious mistakes, sheath not fitted properly, last bed guard in wrong place which made this morning when getting OH out of bed an ordeal. Not even a proper wash was given.

Sunday am call: one of the regular carers arrived with a new person in tow. I had no prior notification of this. One regular carer had asked that he accompany the newbie; however, he spent half of the call time putting in place things for the evening call and showing the newbie the ropes. Consequently there was no time for OH to have a shave. Regular carer was going to ask duty manager if they could also accompany the newbie this evening. That request was obviously refused.

Tonight I spent 1 1/4 hours doing the routine with the newbie. I consider,unless there is an emergency and my help is needed, this hour to be ME time, to watch a programme, do a crossword, or, as I do during the morning call, get on with some jobs that I can’t do at other times because I can’t leave OH alone. The newbie is on day 3 of this job, never done this type of work before, and, even though they said that they had received training they mistook a raised toilet seat for a stand with urine bag attached and had no idea how to attach a sheath.

I am furious and exhausted but need to calm down before I telephone the company tomorrow.

Please be frank in your comments, I won’t mind.


Hi @benji,

It sounds like you and your OH have had quite a complicated experience with the carers and I’m therefore not surprised that you’re exhausted. We have a list of organisations that can provide further information and support if you care for someone with Parkinson’s here. This will at least provide you with information on how you can be better supported as a carer.

You can also contact our helpline and speak to one of our trained advisers about your OH’s recent experience with the support workers and get their advice on the options available to you both. Please do give them a call on 0808 800 0303 for further support.

I do hope you find the above information useful and I’m sure you’ll receive some reassuring messages from your fellow members.

Many thanks,


I just want to know what other carers think about this situation. I can’t be the only carer on here coping with an agency.

Would like to know their experiences and what to do about the situation mentioned in my earlier post.


We have agency carers too to support Dad. 90% are great and I have no complaints. If there is an emergency you can understand having to send new less experienced carers wnd occasionally having to show the ropes but this should not be the norm. If you are not happy then you must in the nicest but firmest way possible state that it is not acceptable. You need this time for a bit of you time, make sure you get it. Good luck


Thanks seagyp5y.

I have sent an e mail to the person who organises the support workers runs each day and stated that any new SW needs to shadow a regular SW a couple of times, OR. we will not pay for the call if I have to do the shadowing myself for an hour.

Hope that makes them sit up and take notice of how things should be done.


With respect Reah, none of those organisations address the issue that I raised regarding support workers.


That’s good to hear Benji and quite right. I hope things improve quickly. Best wishes


Not that quickly it seems.:roll_eyes:

A new SW came this morning and this evening, who had only been once before, so back to the same and another e mail sent tomorrow.:unamused:


Aaaaaargh how frustrating. Is it worth asking the coordinator to visit to run through your concerns?


Lengthy letter sent on Monday but not even a phone call, as yet, from the manager.:frowning_face: