I am new to this forum. My mum has PD and is in a nursing home. I am in my late 20's and wondered if there was any services where I could meet people of a similar age that understand the emotions I am going through in trying to cope with all that comes with this. I don't feel comfortable attending a group so was just thinking more one on one to chat about my experience. I have some very close friends who are very supportive but they just don't understand!! Any info would be great.

Hi java96,
Welcome to the community.

There are a few people who have parents with the condition on this forum and some of them might be able to answer questions or concerns you have.

If you'd like to speak to someone on the telephone, our Peer Support service might be helpful. There is more information and the telephone number here:

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Hi Java96,I understand your difficulty a little as I used to be a carer then Manager of a Care Home where people had P.D at varying degrees ( I had to leave when I was diagnosed myself) I used to talk with each persons family daily as a carer and at least twice a month as Manager where you would be able to discuss not only your mothers health and care but yours as well. and if you need more support in any way in my area there is a group called Furness Carers they arrange talks cafe chats and trips out for the carer and are able to access any info you require.Social Services should be able to help you find such a group But get to know mums carers they will help x soop
hi Java96,

My mum was recently diagnosed with PD, and i am on in my early 20's. Its hard but everyone on here are really helpful. i was really frustrated with the diagnosis but the main thing is to remember you are not alone
hi science girl and java 96. i have pd and i was dx in 2007 my children were aged , 22 ,20 ,18 16, 12.and not long after i was told i was going to a nan so at frist it was hard but the children were very upset .i had only had two at home and then all of a sudden they wanted to come back .i did not know how it afficted them .so we went to a counselor and talk and how they felt . it helped a lot because it made me aware of how they felt . i told them that things will be hard some time but you got to get on with your own lifes so now one a buchter , i have a beautyful granson and anther on the way and shes for a company and two at unie and one in cllege so im very proud of them because they have got on and to do the things they want to do and they are always there when i need them .so ishould not worrie to much talk to your mums and if you are there when she needs you that will be good and try to lisen to them as sometimes we can get in a muddle so i hope this helps sorry about the spelling take care jem 47
Thanks for your replies. I guess I don't really class myself as a career because she is in the nursing home so I don't have to do any of the day to day support. I guess it's just the daily emotional struggle of loosing the person I once knew. It's good to know there are other people who know how it feels. I guess i feel i have all the correct advice and correct medical staff in place at the moment. it would be good to have a rant every now and then to someone who knows how I feel! Not sure if that's a good idea or not!
it would be good to have a rant every now and then to someone who knows how I feel! Not sure if that's a good idea or not!

Of course its a good idea to rant and vent your fears and frustrations but dont exclude those of us with PD, most of us are parents and can give you a different slant on the problems that we have to come to terms with in relation to our children. I have a daughter of 18 and its been very difficult for us both. Communication is the key !