Supportig evidence

I am nervous about how to ask my neurologist for written supporting evidence for my PIP assessment,my appointment with neurologist is Monday 20th June and PIP assessment Tuesday 21st june.

I have had 2 PIP assessments cancelled in the last 2 weeks 1st by txt the 2nd after actually arriving after 35 mile journey only to be rushed out of the door with some lame excuse about over booking, has anyone else asked their neurologist for written supporting evidence, if so  was a cost involved ? is there some standard procedure and was your neurologist happy to do so.

As i have posted previously my employers are probably going to terminate my employment on the grounds of capability so if unemployed my finances will become stretched to say the least, so would prefer that my PIP claim went as i would hope( fingers crossed)

Any advise much appreciated 



bit late a reply as you say your assessment is today, hope it goes well, but I think you can send in supporting evidence after the assessment itself as a decision isn't supposedly made until the assessors report is sent and then all evidence is before the decision maker to make a award.

My Parkinsons local advisor wrote a lengthy technical detailed letter on how Parkinson's effects me personally

My PD nurse also wrote a detailed supporting letter on her  interactions and observations of myself

Both were happy to do so.

Hospital letters (most recent) also included

I also wrote a personal letter on how a typical day effects me personally living with parkinsons which is noted by the decision maker as helpful.

There was no cost involved with supporting letters though i understand some gp practices do charge a fee for medical evidence , I usually get a copy letter sent too me of appointments with Neuro & Nurse.

make sure you  make copy's, you can ask for a report of your PiP assessment.

Hi Sea Angler

PIP assessment seemed to go ok, the assessor was friendly but i am not sure he was really qualified, he asked what medication i was on and when i said Madopar amongst other drugs he said Maglopar and that he wasn't familiar with that drug.

I guess he might have misheard me, anyway today i phoned the DWP  and asked for a copy of the assessment report to be sent to me.

I still need to gather as much additional supporting evidence as i can, I'm waiting for an appointment for my depression/anxiety problems etc as my understanding is the more evidence the better, now the nervous wait for the outcome.