supra nuclear palsy parkinsons plus

My wife has been diagnosed with PSP a Parkinsonism and is being given Sinemet plus 25/100mg. The meds don’t seem to do much good as she is extremely unsteady on her feet and tends to fall backwards. She also suffers with depression and was given sertreline 100mg,this doesn’t seem to help all the time as she does get extremely tearful. I was wondering if anyone has tried alternative meds,eg herbal to alleviate these problems.

Hi BobbyDee,
We’d like to take a moment to welcome you and your wife to our forum community. While we recommend reporting any dissatisfaction around prescriptions to her GP and Parkinson’s team, we would also encourage you to reach out to our helpline advisory staff, as they can assist with medication concerns and recommend resources near you, including mental health options. You can find them on 0808 800 0303. You may also find value in our information center on Sinemet, one of the many sections of our website we recommend to learn more about Parkinson’s and it’s attendant medications. Please feel free to use the search bar to find information on anything you find relevant.
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