Surgery for another condition and Parkinson's meds?


Not sure I am asking this in the right place but here goes. I am probably going to need surgery to repair an inguinal hernia within the next 12 months. I have already seen a consultant about this but he took the line that my hernia wasn’t big enough to need immediate attention. I asked whether I would have to reduce my Parkinson’s medication to avoid any problems with the anaesthetic. He did not know and said that would be up to the anaesthetist who I would see shortly before the op. That doesn’t really help.

Does anyone have experience of undergoing surgery, with either a general or a local anaesthetic, and what they had to do about their Parkinson’s meds? I am taking Co-careldopa, Pramipexole and Entacapone, all in fairly moderate or small doses. I am dreading the symptoms I expect to get without the meds if I have to reduce them.



Hi JJ27
I had surgery under a general anaesthetic to repair an umbilical hernia. I opted for a general because of the tremors I have. I take various medications but the only one I was requested to omit on the day was enalapril which I take for hypertension. My surgery was very successful and I suffered no complications. Incidentally, I pressed for the surgery as early as possible whilst my tremors were still tolerable rather than delay until my PD was more advanced.
Best Wishes,
Alan R.

Hi there I had surgery in May of this year and did not have have to stop any of my PD meds.
My op was 5 hours long and when I woke up down in recovery the nurse from the ward had came down to give PD meds as she knew how important it was for me to get them as soon as.

Hi JJ27
Hello John, I had a total knee replacement 3 years ago and I am going for surgery to replace the other knee in 3 weeks time.
For my PD I take Co beneldopa, Ropinerol and Rag something I can never remember the name.
My anaesthetist told me to take these as usual. Its some of the other meds i am taking that she was conserned about.
I take Rivaroxaban, a blood thinner for AF ( a heart condition) and water pills to make me pee more, that begins with F (sorry John, i dont know where they get these names from.!!
I had to stop these 2 days before the operation.So i wouldnt worry too much about your PD meds
I hope that is of some help and apologies for the spellings.

Thanks everyone. You have very much put my mind at rest on this and I am much happier about the surgery I need.


I’ve just had surgery general and they said carry on taking pd drugs as normal.