Surgery to inject vocal cords

Hi, Im newly diagnosed with PD and saw an ENT surgeon before diagnosis about my weak voice. I understand that by injecting the vocal cords some strength can be left cord is frozen.My neurologist said PD affects my voice and to discuss whether surgery is needed. Can anyone tell me their experience as I want something done to raise my voice to assist my work. What about being NBM and taking meds. Does the anaesthetic make symptoms worse or does PD make it more risky ? I would be grateful for advice. x
I had ongoing injections of botox into my larynx for over ten years it really helped me - its not the most comfortable of procedures I must admit but over the years I didnt need throat lozenges or local anaesthetic and the it was fine - it made me sound like Barry White at first and made me popular with the ladies .
Certainly worth a look at and it can make the world of difference to your self confidence .
I no longer need the injections but I can sound very hoarse on the phone sometimes - I dont mind though its all part of why Im me!