:confused:I am due in hospital tomorrow for insertion of a pacemaker and have been told it will be carried out under local anaesthetic. I have had PD for 11 years and find I cannot last more than 10 mins without coughing. Has anyone else been thru surgery with this worry? Counting on you guys for reassurance or warning.
Local seems much less of a problem than a general.

Here's some notes I filed a year or so back, that may be useful to take with you.

Good luck :grin:

1. See note above regarding stopping Eldepryl/selegiline two weeks prior to surgery.
2. There should be no reason to skip PD medications prior to surgery even if directions are NPO
(nothing by mouth) for 6-10 hours prior to surgery. Discuss with surgeon or anesthesiologist.
3. Restart PD medications (except eldepryl) as soon as possible after surgery even if NPO;
discuss with surgeon.
4. Be aware that PD patients have a lower threshold response to analgesics (sedation/pain
medications) and could experience hallucinations; however, this is not a contraindication
(reason to avoid) their administration.
Other medications which may worsen Parkinsonian symptoms and should not, in general, be
prescribed for a person with PD include:
Haloperidol (HaldolĀ®) metoclopramide (ReglanĀ®)
Chlorpromazine (ThorazineĀ®) prochlorperazine (CompazineĀ®)
Thioridazine (MellarilĀ®) trimethobenzamide (TiganĀ®)
Molindone (MobanĀ®)
Perphenazine (TrilafonĀ®)
Perpenazine and amitriptyline (TriavilĀ®)
Thiothixene (NavaneĀ®)
Flufenzaine (ProlixinĀ®)

This is an excellent document to have available in case you land in the hospital - in fact take extra copies as most MD/RN know so little about PD.
Many thanks krugen68 for your very informative reply. I have printed out and feel able to raise a few questions to the consultant tomorrow.
I guess my reply will be too late for you to read before the big day. I had a local anaesthetic a few years ago for a hernia operation. It was an interesting, hassle free experience. (nearly said 'pain free' - you know what I mean....)

good luck with it - I hope it goes well & look forward to hearing from you afterwards

hiya agin i mite be tolate with my post also,but ive had general and local ones in the past,ive had pd for 11 years and im 42 years old.iwas told by mr summers back in august that general now would not be a good idea,if able to be done under local its more safer for me.but it all depends on ur circumstances and if u have any other health issues.its all added up and ur surgeon will be very straight with you.every thin wot is rittern above is good info to give you more confidence,infact it helps my mind also thanks krugen 68,anyway good luck,and with ur recovery,im sure all will be fine xx hugs xx:smile:
Your post was not too late Ali, the hospital rang to say because of the hospital having no beds vacant and 17 emergency patients waiting in ambulances outside, my op will have to be postponed until at least another week! I don't know whether I feel relieved or upset - a bit of both I think.
Thanks for your post in any case, God bless. xx
ono wot a nusience,ino wot u mean though.but you would of bult your self up to it,thats the prob.anyway when you do have op,please remember,you will be fine,your surgeon nows wot he is doin,he will look after you.hugs x:smile:
Good morning MaryL, I also have had an op postponed. Mine was to be on 8th Dec but has put back till 19th Jan. So don't be worrying you will be ok. May the PD'UK force be with you.

Radz x
For fellow PD suffers due to have surgery my experience is 18 months ago I had major hart surgery to replace a valve suffered no problem's with anything in fact It was the only op I have ever had with out any pain very strange when you think if you cut your finger it hurts also as a bonus it stopped my tremor for 3 weeks.
Silver Spoon
wow silverspoon ,u must of been on really good painkillers,im glad your ok now,and how wired is it to stop the tremor for 3 weeks,makes you think that does,bot the nerveoes system:smile:
Many thanks to Radar47,silverspoon,alij, elegantfowl and others who replied to my query about local anaesthetic. My op was postponed on 3 occasions but was carried out 2 days ago with no problems. There was one thing I noted however, I would recommend that a torch be top of the packing list for any PD patient as the lights were too dim at night to self-medicate and I found I couldn't get help without waking up the whole ward with the buzzer!