My mum was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about 3 years ago and her speech can slow her down and sometimes her memory is not as good as it used to be but I wanted to reach you to ask how do people with Parkinsons react to a surprise, is it best to keep them in the loop about everything, it is a family party but I don’t want to upset her? many thanks

Good morning aisling … I think most of us with Parkinson’s regard ourselves as quite normal. We like nice things to look forward to. So I’d tell my Mum in your situation, she’d be upset if you didn’t. If her memory is bad you might have to remind her a few times. Has she got a diary?

Best wishes

Totally person dependent… could you ask her if she’s okay with surprises or rathers know thinfs in advance?

Hi aisling,

I have no doubt that your mom could handle surprises, with a smile.
Just because her speech can slow down at times really does not affect that at all.
Memory, yea, well we all have that problem at times.
How old is she?