Suzi Quatro supports Smellebrities Book Launch for Parkinson's UK

Last night I launched a book called Smellebrities with all proceeds going to Parkinson's UK. This had backing yesterday by Suzi Quatro when she did an interview on Radio Stoke - more details on

E Book available at £3.95. Copies available from Lulu £6.99 :;jsessionid=93F996DF5297EA28A8C30EB3C89047CA

There are contributions from nearly 30 celebrities and 8 members of Parkinson's UK from around the country. One member tells a lovely memory of her Red Shoes.

I have been working on this for the past 6 years. My husband was diagnosed aged 43 ten years ago. He is my inspiration - so determined and courageous in coping with this horrible condition. My daughter has done illustrations.

Radio Stoke interview the clip from me and Suzi starts around 1.30 hour into the programme.

Please buy a copy if you can - thank you. Enquiries [email protected]

Good luck everyone with various events - great to see such good coverage for awarness week.