Swallowing problems with parkinsons

swallowing is a comman problem with parkinsions suffers,the muscles of the throat are weaker than normal,makin swallowin to become more difficult.sometimes it can become a problem with food intake causin nutriton problems as well,it can causethe increase of aspiration pneimonia,which is food or liquids bein inhaled into the lungs.havin weak tonge musles or cheek musles dunna help cus it harder to move food round your mouth.weak throat musles carnt move food towards the esoophagus.swallowing problems can also be caused by dry mouth,which some pd meds can cause this.if your gettin swallowing problems see your gp,they can refere you to see a speech therapist and ditianist which i did,i see kim,she very nice,been goin to shrewsbury rehab centre for last 3 months,they talk to you and get a beter picture of wot is happinin when you eat,they watch you eat as well and drink.and if they think you need some tests this can happinin.i had a endoscopy yesturday to see wot was happinin to me when i tryed to eat ,i have been put on a soft food diet.food would collect in me mouth and back me throat and make me choke and cough alot,it horrible,i would eat something and then take some drink and so on to mush it up in mouth,but they were concerned it was not goin to go to me stomach and go the other way.havin swallowing problems can aslso cause some people not to wanna eat,cus of the effect of chockin on things,so they tend to drink more to fill erm up,just like i began to,but then nutritian problems occur,and then got a problem with health.i no with parkinsons it harder to sit up rite at a table,tend to slouch alot which then also causes problems with swallowing as well,its surprising how imprtant things are,until i went to see kim i did not relise how important it was.i would have some foods try chewing washin it down with drinks and gettin gut aches and coughin,now i no why it important if you are having problems with swallowing foods,i do advice you to see gp for a referal:smile:
Hello Alij,

Glad to hear you have been seeing a speech therapist, I have asked my husband to be referred because of his choking which is very frighting. People don't realise how important a speech therapists is and how they can help pwp's to avoid some of the problems they face. My husband has also had quite a few chest infections since he has been in a nursing home, he didn't get any when he was at home. Keep posting with all your useful information as it is bound to help some one.
best wishes