Hi my mum is unable to swallow when she gets up on a morning leaving her stuck and unable to take her tablets . It’s now starting to get so bad it was 4pm before she was able to swallow and take her tablets. Patches and slow release tablets don’t seem to be helping. She’s currently stuck at the moment and suggestions greatly appreciated.

Hi Helenama,

Yes unfortunately that is one of the symptoms of this despicable disease.
I also have that problem at times.
The only way I have found that helps is by taking smaller bites of food and always having water or some liquid ready to help “wash it down”
Also get a pill splitter that you can use to cut the pills into smaller pieces.
If they are capsules, open the capsule carefully, pour the powder out and let you mom swallow the powder with water.
I hope that helps.

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We now take several medications in oral suspension form. Some can be crushed and taken in water. Ask your pharmacist at surgery. They will go though your list of meds and make suggestions.
Capsules seem to be ok at the moment one of the PD meds was causing difficulty and now they are given as two capsules.

Hope this helps.

I have been having the same problem. My mouth gets very dry overnight. I have worked out that if I have a decent drink water directly before taking the tablets, then take the tablet as one at a time with a reasonable amount of water, then things are somewhat better.

Maybe one of these will help.
Take your tablets with a big mouthful of water so that you swallow twice in quick succession. I find it easier to use a straw to fill my mouth with water having put my tablets in my mouth and ‘holding’ them under my tongue while I draw up the water. The first swallow starts to take the tablets down, quickly followed by the second swallow which washes them down fully. Keep the water and straw close by, very occasionally I need to take a little more water but not often. Using this method I can swallow 3 or 4 tablets at a time,
The other method is to take the tablets with a spoonful of yoghurt,
I can’t vouch for this but it may be worth giving it a try -
Quickly (but carefully) tilt your head forward as you swallow. The idea is to move the pill back toward your throat as you tilt your head forward and give you something else to focus on as you swallow. This method improved swallowing for more than 88 percent of study participants in a small study.20 May 2019

Hi I have had the same problem after having a cervical disc removed back in 2017, I also suffer with Parkinson’s, the operation caused a bad swelling in the back of my throat to the extent I couldn’t even swallow my own saliva I was rushed to A&E where the doctors showed me how to do what they call a chin tuck where you tilt your head forward so your chin touches your chest, this opens your throat wider so you can swallow easier, I had to eat and drink like this for two months until the swelling wet down, it feels very weird at first and you think to yourself am I going to choke, but once you get it right it’s so much better to swallow this way, hope this will help some of you.

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