Hi everyone. I was diagnosed PD a week before xmas.I am currently taking Ropinirole 3 x 3mg. The last couple of weeks I have started to have difficulty in swallowing. No sore throat. I know this is part of symptoms,but should I notify doctor or just mention it to PD nurse when I see her in couple of weeks? Anyone with any advise?Take care all.

Hi Fletch, that was one of my first symptoms too, and now it seems to have settled down. I would definitely mention it when you go, it may be they can alter dosage, etc to make it right. I find many of the symptoms come and go in any case, sometimes with no obvious reason. Good luck!

Hello Tamsin
Thanks for your reply and advise.Im seeing the PD nurse soon so will mention it.:laughing:

Hi everyone.Sorry if Im being a pain on this subject,but as a new PD patient need all the help and advise I can get until I see my PD nurse. My swallowing is gradually becoming worse and feel like Im sometimes choking. Yesterday morning,thought I was going to be sick and fainted on bathroom floor. I had a busy day the day before and I may have somehow forgot my meds that :confused:night? Has this happened to anyone before?

Hi Fletch,
A few weeks ago I was taking my kids to bed,I started choking I guess must have been on saliva.It was very scary.Kids were great hitting my back and telling me not to panic, breath in and out slowly.Luckily its just happened that once.Like you said its very scary.Have you seen gp or spoken to pd nurse about it yet?
I cant be much help but I know there are nurses at hand to chat to you and offer advice on pds helpline CALL FREE on 0808 800 0303
Also there are information sheets you can download from pds website.
I hope you don't have a long wait to see your pd nurse.
Take care Dot x

Thanks Dotty for your advise. I have got an appointment with PD nurse in 2 weeks so hopefully she will be able to help. Not confident with GP's, they seem unsure about PD, especially as I am only 45! and just recently diagnosed. Take care.:laughing: