Hi every one been to clinic today  have a big problem swallowing  with a cough for 4 months plus face tremor and voice is gone  quiet told it was part of parkingsons pluss can somebody tell me what that means please never heard of it now have to eat liquids only

anybody help please 


SOrry To hear Your about your probLem Have they not sugested any exercise to help. With the cough my other half was advised To drink pinapple JuIce or lemonade. Hope this Is some help. I think one of the publications will cover Parkinson pluss

I also have developed a swallowing problem.

Sympathies. I sometimes even vomit.

Eating has to be done very gently indeed.

Thanks for you're reply got speech theripist  on Friday she is going to help me hopefully  mrs t hope u are doing ok I also vomit and forever clearing my throat eat only liquids hi jyzgirl why lemonade or pineapple juice please nobody suggested that hope all is wellthankyou

Hi Terri

How did it go with the speech therapist? It can be a bit of a shock having to change how and what you eat.

Can she help with your voice too?

Hi voice therapy she was ok not helped with the voice got to have a meal to see how the food goes down had cake there and choked so not happy it's the cough and constant feeling of something in throat

she did not get that I don't think

Hi Terri

Are you going back to see her?

Did she explain how swallowing works?

Did she suggest some techniques or textures that would help?

It's quite a lot to take onboard.

You can ask for an ENT opinion on your lump in the throat sensation. It is most likely related to muscle tension from stress, but could be Parkinson's, or reflux related too.

Have a look at my website for information on the NICE recommended speech/voice therapy for people with Parkinson's (LSVT). Some NHS trusts can deliver it, but you can look privately too on lsvtglobal.com (for a local LSVT therapist), or helpwithtalking.com for a private speech therapist.

Sorry about the cake!

Good luck

Hi she made me sing lalala while feeling my throat  then drink water and eat the cake that's it it all lasted 10mins before she said need to have test to see how the food goes down and yes you have face tremor that was it my consultant at the respiratory clinic gave me some pills going back 29 November thanks so much for help andconcernsconcerns

Do you take Statins for high cholesterol by any chance? Those drugs can sometimes cause a cough as a side-effect. 

Terri, I have just seen a research opportunity listed on the PD site http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/forum/thread/56205 for swallowing difficulties. Not sure if it will be possible for you as it's Manchester based

No I don't take statics thanks anyway

Hi Terri

If you click on my picture you'll see my website address. You can have a look at info about Parkinson's affects communication and therapy for it. You can email me from there too if you would like to ask anything else about your voice or swallow.

Good luck