Swapping Sastravi for Stalevo

I’m taking Stalevo, originally prescribed by my neurologist. My GP has asked me whether I would mind substituting Sastravi which is half the price, to save the NHS money. Sastravi appears to be identical in contents. Is there any reason why I should not swap the Stalevo for Sastravi?

Hi Jane,
Before you hear from our community members with regard to their experiences with Stalevo/Sastravi, we wanted to be sure you were aware of the data available on our website here. Additionally, please feel welcome and encouraged to contact our helpline advisers on 0808 800 0303 as they have a wealth of information on COMT inhibitors that they are happy to share.
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Thank you Jason. A link would have been helpful.

Four or five days ago there was an article in the Independent newspaper which warned of the dangers of switching from a more expensive Parkinson’s drug to a generic. It suggested that the absorption times might be different, causing adverse symptoms. This kind of substitution is becoming more common as GPs try to save money for the NHS. It stated that Parkinson’s UK has issued a warning. I’m unable to find that warning anywhere on the website. With GPs installing software set to substitute cheaper generics for the drug originally prescribed by a consultant, I think Parkinson’s UK needs to be more pro-active. As patients, we need to know what our rights are if a GP decides to make changes to our prescriptions, and GP’s, who are mostly going to be unaware of the risks, need guidance.

I initiated my own change from Stalevo to Sastravi when I realised the huge cost difference. There has been no incidence of reduction in effectiveness for me.