Sweating problems?

Gus? I like your sense of humour........ quite like mine I have to say.......LOL

Ok, where'd they prick you? to cure the sweating on the head/neck??

hi ab      i don't know if I'm right in saying your main sweat clans are under the arm pit  ,most of my sweating was under the arms ,i was pricked about 20 times each arm & they said this could last a year or even more  so far so good about 8 months in instant aswell,i would imagine they could prick your head if big enough lol

My wife was sweating continuously,change of clothes from skin out three or four times a day.
I got the doctor to prescribe Seropia,I know it’s not a Parkinson’s drug and I don’t know if it will work for Everyone but she is taking half a 25mg tablet once a day and sweating has completely stopped and so has feet and arm movements.It has been like a miracle pill.The anxiety has disappeared from her eyes.I am willing o discuss further.

Hi i started to sweat tried roll on from gp,nothing worked referred to dermatologist i now have botox injections every year fantastic never sweat again

Hello, i suffered and am currently on a new medication called: Pro-Banthine has stopped my sweating a huge amount but side effects are a bit odd. Worth trying. Good Luck

I have botox injections there really great stopped straight away

Hello, my husband has began to sweat profusely. It’s obviously worse when he’s exerting himself but even just normal day to day activities seem to leave him sweating far too much. Is it yet another delightful symptom of Parkinson’s? We’re seeing PD nurse in few weeks but just thought I’d ask if anyone else has this most unpleasant symptom and if so any tips to alleviate it would be welcome. He was diagnosed just over 6 years ago.

Try to get your gp to refer you to the dermatologist at hospital and talk about botox injections they are brilliant or if you have a bit of money one armpit is about £500 private they just inject in a circle little pricks done with in 30 minutes tops last about a year no more messing your shirts up .

I woke last night absolutely drenched in sweat. That really worried me. Why do these things always happen at 1.30 am?

It is such a relief to check on the website and find that it is fairly common with PD. Finding Parkinsons UK has been a real life saver. Thanks, everyone.


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