I have young onset, diagnosed at 47 around 4 years ago. I’ve managed to stay off the meds, I’m scared of the side effects.

I have extremely severe sweating, I can’t do anything without being drenched in sweat from my head and neck. Does anyone have experience of excessive sweating, and does Sinemet help.


Hi @JonJoe, :wave:

People with Parkinson’s sometimes have problems with their skin, and how much or how little they sweat. Some people may only have minor issues while others may have more severe problems that can affect daily life. I’m sure you’ll hear from other members with their own personal experiences, however, we have a lot of information about this via our website which you may find helpful. Please visit our website here.

With regard to medication, I would encourage you to speak to your GP (if you haven’t done so already) about this and seek medical professional advice on the best course of action for you. However, if you need more support on your severe sweating, please do not hesitate to contact our helpline team on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,