Swimming warning

I was diagnosed with PD in 1993 and always been able to swim. This year I jumpted into the deep end of a friends garden pool and guess what I COULD NOT SWIM apart from a hurried 'doggy paddle' to the edge. If I had jumped off a boat or a jetty I certainly would have been in trouble. My legs are the problem and my walking is restricted..
a sort of similar exerience. I have always been a good swimmer - slow but sure. I used to swim regularly at a pool in London - lane swimming where you keep to your own lane go clockwise, no doing widths. Several years ago I came to a full stop mid length Left arm & left leg wouldn't co-operate so I gently rolled onto my back & sculled to the side.Luckily it was not a deep pool but I haven't been swimming since
hiya yep,i used to swim a lot when younger ,as time went on i seemed to get weaker with pd, now i can not hold me self up in baths at all,so i dont go near water at all,but i do miss it alot:smile:
I went on holiday lsst week. I had not swum for a year, when I was able to swim quite a few lengths. I found it quite hard to swim and noticed my legs are alot weaker. I did not like swimming in the deep end and have lost confidence.
i take the children swimming once a month at the local pool. last time at one point i tried to swim and found it very difficult, so now we have to stick to the shallow end. it was a bit of a shock. one more tinhg to add to the last of things i used to do but cab't, including touch typing!
Before I had any real symptoms of PD one of the "funnies"
I experienced (only not so funny) was that out of the blue when swimming I sudddenly lost it, i,e. momentarily my body did not know what to do, so I became very wary of the deep end.