Swimming with Pd

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a positive experience I have had recently regarding swimming with Pd. Having swum from an early age, i competed to a high level until I was diagnosed at 47. Ironically it was swimming , or the inability to swim efficiently, which marked the onset of Pd as I found it more difficult to coordinate movement. Ironically this more than anything caused me to feel down whilst other symptoms seemed manageable through drugs. I was lucky to have an excellent team in Bath who after a few false starts have honed my medication ( only 21 pills a day!) after 18 months, so that I am swimming efficiently again. I now take cobeneldopa 5x 3 per day with pramipexole x 3 with additional tabs first thing in the morning and last thing at night! I am also a strong advocate of movement/ exercise to relieve stiff arms / legs! Despite having to stick to pill taking times I have greatly appreciated this development which has made me feel so much better! Has anyone else had such issues with swimming?

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Hi, we’ve just started taking the grandchildren on Saturdays. Whilst it’s great seeing them gain confidence and become more proficient swimmers it’s helping me enormously, as I’ve suffered with badly with back pain, and more recently muscle loss to my shoulders and legs. I’m sure this is helping my general health and mental posivity. I’m now able to add some light weight repetitions.
Two months to my 8th anniversary of this damned disease, which I’m fighting day by day.

Hi Paul - good to hear swimming is helping. The general advice seems to be any exercise is good and as long you feel comfortable then Swimming is great! Enjoy — great doing it with friends family; this really helped when I was down and finding it challenging !

yep, have always enjoyed swimming. rediscovered it and when I can muster the energy I ALWAYS feel better afterwards.

Hi, I too have had difficulty with co-ordination whilst swimming. I used to swim 60 lengths of front crawl every week and found it very frustrating that I couldn’t manage to swim one. However, on holiday my son and husband have been encouraging me to try breast stroke. So far so good. I must keep it up.

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I can honestly say swimming is good for you. I know everyone is different but it is good thereby for most. Even I an off state I find I can’t feel my symptoms when I!
am in the water

I was diagnosed last year at 52 having been a keen cyclist and runner. I took up swimming to help keep my posture ‘long’. I go at least 4 times a week and find it an excellent way of of reducing shoulder pain. It’s almost as good as the meds I’m on - 2.72mg of pramiprexol slow release and 20mg of Amitreptolyn at night.

Good for you. I can’t swim a few yard’s without getting tired .these days but at least when I’m in the water I feel like like big weight is lifted of my shoulders

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It’s worth persevering as swimming, or even just being in the water, can bring about so much well being!

Hi Jim ; swimming is great as helps recouperation for injuries etc especially when using hot / cold ( sauna / plunge pool) - weight bearing etc

Malin - I can relate , it was so challenging not being able to do something I’d done easily for 30 years ! It’s worth persevering with different meds as am able to swim almost as good as prior to being diagnosed! Keep strong!

Hi are you still swimming ?

Hi there

Apologies have just picked up this thread again after a few years away! I have to say that I am still swimming and that has been my main motivation through Covid/ lockdown etc! For me getting into the water really helps with any aches and pains And I immediately feel rejuvenated! This year has been tough, for everyone, but for me swimming has really helped me pull the down times I experienced ! So whether it’s swimming lengths or just going for a leisure swim with family and friends do it! This was more challenging when we were locked down so dusted off my old wetsuit and also did some open water swimming which also has lots of benefits! I hope this is useful and encourages you to dive in! Regards N

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