Swine flu vaccination yes or no?

Hi, i live in the UK, had parkinsons since i was 32 im now 48. Recently had a phone call from my doctor offering Swine Flu Vaccine injection because im on the high risk list which includes PD. The question im asking is should i or not ?????........been surfin some online PD forums and most seem too be saying No to ...the offer, doctors nurses & patients all agree that vaccine has not been tested enough and that avoiding the flu is better than injecting a strain of the flu into the body of which is the vaccine......

i have to say i am a pro-vaccine person generally.
i was first in line to get the vaccine and am keen to get my children done asap.
an enormous number of people have been done without ill effects.
its impossible to get flu from the vaccine. the virus is either dead or disabled.
for me, its a no-brainer.

Hi, just to say I have had my swine flu jab without any side effects at all. Perhaps I was just lucky, but I think, we have enough trying to deal with our PD without getting swine flu as well.


OH had their swine flu jab a few days ago.No adverse effects except when I asked, and they said..........a bit of a sore arm. If it wasn't enough to complain about, it can't have been half bad, IMO!
I know others have had worse side effects.

However, although as a carer, I am entitiled to the annual, ordinary flu jab, I am not entitiled to the swine flu jab. This does not seem to make sense to me as, if I was laid low with swine flu, who would cope with the day to day things?

I would probably starve to death, in bed, for lack of food, water and TLC.

I (a pwp) and my husband had our swine flu vaccs on Friday last. Sore arms and general stiffness seem to have been our only problems since then. My husband didnt hesitate when I asked him to have the vaccination because as ( although neither of us consider him to fill that role just yet) my "carer" he didn't want to risk bringing the SF into our home for me to be infected. He also has had, in recent years, the seasonal flu jab because I also have asthma. We feel much happeier by having had the SF vacc than not taking up the offer. Best wishes Sue xx

I work for the NHS and got the ordinary flu and swine flu jabs together a couple of weeks ago and apart from a sore arm for 2 days (the swine flu jab)I've been fine. it was only when I heard that it had been licenced that I decided to have it as I wouldn't have otherwise

:grin:Swine Flu - What a horrible name to give it - Why not Mexican flu or something more suitable and less horrific sounding. Anyway back to the question: I had the Jab with little or no side effects but I got a call yesterday from a friend who had it and she was calling from hospital which was where the Jab left her! So I guess the whole shall I. shan't I scenario is totally subjective.

Sorry but no matter how many stories you get thats the bottom line:laughing:

Hi !
Surely the main question is which vaccine to have ?

Pandemrix / Celvapan

Pandemrix contains a mercury-based compound as a preservative, though in very small amounts, and is linked to Gulf War Syndrome. (Pandemrix contains squalene, oil in water adjuvant responsible for the Gulf War Syndrome.) In Germany government workers get the Celvapan vaccine, which is “widely seen as safer” than the Pandemrix shot most citizens receive. The German press accused their government of offering “second-class medicine” to regular people.

Celvapan is more expensive two dose vaccine which is only given on NHS to egg allergy patients.

Any thoughts ?


Yes. I wont be having the vaccine!

because of the fact that mercury is known to have a bad effect on the nervous system i would not consider it advisable for a person with PD to have the pandemrix jab ( only my opinion), i am having the jab of celvapan on monday

I don't know which version of the vaccine I had but did have both seasonal and swine flu vaccinations 2 weeks ago. No reaction to the seasonal flu jab but the swine flu one left me with a very painful arm, couldnt lift it to shoulder level for 3 days and I also kept changing between hot and very cold with shivers and horrendous aches all over and this lasted for about 3 days. Having said all that and despite the fact that my grandson and daughter who both suffer from asthma and had the same vaccinations as myself and also reacted badly to the swine flu one, if how I felt for those 3 days is any indication of how you feel with swine flu I am certainly very glad that I had the vaccine as I wouldn't like to have felt how I did for any longer than I did. All I can say is don't worry to much about if you'll have a short lived or no reaction just consider how you would feel if you had full blown swine flu, doesn't bear thinking about to me.

All down to choice but I'm glad my choice was to have it done.


b*** h*** Westby. I did not know there was a mercury based preservative in the vaccine. Sejvej. I agree with you. I was an NHS dentist for 36yrs & reckon the mercury caused my PD. The last thing I need is more Hg. God help us all.I shall decline!