Switching from Requip XL to instant release


Has anyone done this? I'm switching because I'm not absorbing the modified release version properly (explanation I won't go into!) Any advice on this would be appreciated - how it affected you, what dose you switched from / to. I've been on 14 mg XL but as it's not working properly I'm decreasing to 3 mg x 3 times a day (9 mg) which I fear is quite strong to start with the instant release! Though I do of course have some of the drug in my system, just no idea how much :(

Oh and suggestions of what time you take the three doses of instant release Requip each day as I've been given no guidance on this... Early morning, early afternoon, dinner time? No idea!

Thanks :)


Hi young onset

yes i have done this, not through choice but I changed countries and XL is not available (don't let me get started!).  I have found it has taken a long time to adjust, maybe 3 months, i had been 5 years on XL.  Like you i was on 14mg XL and im also on madopar.  I stayed on 12-14mg ropinerole short acting, i thought the amounts are approx. the same whether long or short acting. 

So how do you fit in three hourly madopar on empty stomach and 3xs day ropinerole with food!!  What i have ended up doing is taking 2mg ropinerole with every madopar dose.  I can tolerate 2 mg without food but not higher dose.  This also has helped lessen (though not avoid)  the sleep attacks i get from short acting ropinerole.  So i take madopar and ropinerole at 8am 11am 2pm 5pm 8pm and a 2mg dose of ropinerole only before bed with a spare during the night if i need it.  I worked this out myself and it suits me now but my aim was to try and give smooth continuous treatment.   

Do hope this detail is helpful.


HI Young onset 83....Like you i increased slowly to 14mgs of RequipXL but i took them at night about 9.30pm as when i originally tried them in the mornings i was away with the fairies!!! spacey, sleepy, woozy, fuzzy head horrible. Taking the drug at night gave me a good sleep and the restless legs stopped straight away after years of suffering. After 10 months i felt i was not obtaining the benefit that i should and my nurse introduced Co-Beneldopa (Madopar) 12.5/50 three times a day and reduced my RequipXL down to 10mgs. For a couple of weeks i didn't feel very well but i persevered and must say things improved. I still get nausea a little in the mornings, i tried taking the Madopar without food and got awful indigestion pain so was told to take it with food and to take an Omeprazole before eating once a day and that has helped a lot. My walking has got much better and faster, i feel quite upbeat a lot of the time and the anxiety and sadness that i was feeling has pretty much gone. The neck spasms generally have been reduced and the tremors only occur when i try doing too much, i love to dance but i find the cha cha now makes me feel like i have been plugged into the mains!!!!idea On the downside.....i can eat for England!!!sad faceIt is such a strange disease in that you can feel so different throughout the day....do you find this? I am sorry that i don't have any experience of instant release Requip but hopefully someone else on this forum will be able to help you. Your nurse would probably be the best person to give advice on meds.

I wish you all the best....keep smilingbig grin



Thanks so much to both of you for your answers!

I am not taking too well to instant release - quite sick - but hopefully this will improve with time. 

E :-)