Swollen and distended stomach


After fighting for 18 months with my GP to be diagnosed, I also have a very distended stomach which does not change from day to day.  My GP seems to have washed his hands of me, and advised this is just due to stress or IBS.  I just know there's something more sinister and don't see my specialist until mid Jan.  If anyone else has this problem with Parkinson then it might calm me down.   The distension makes me look around 4-5 months pregnant


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I get that - in my case its just due to slow movement of food through the system! Water and fruit seems to help things on their way.

Hi. I've had that problem for years but I'm slowly getting worse constipation is my biggest problem have tried taking movacole ok for a while then so much wind  but I I stop taking them problem comes back  can't seem to find anyone to help with this problem . 

Hello Justinsmam, My wife was worried when she thought she was putting on weight and when she found, at one point, that some old clothes no longer fitted. So, instead of eating the sugary chocolaty ice-creams I bought her she told me, very strictly, to never buy anything like that for her ever again. She also cut down, a little, on the size of main meals. She snacks a bit more during the days. And it does seem to have worked! Gradually her tummy is slowly returning to how it should be, she can even rewear some of her old togs. Turnip is right when he says about fruit and water, but we have found too, that Ginger Cordial or Crystallised Ginger may also help with the bloating, but don`t use ginger biscuits or any phoney ginger stuff  as that may make it worse. I know you`ve a month to wait before seeing your specialist, but the dieting routine I`ve suggested may help, I hope it does, and I think you can let yourself go on Christmas Day. Good Luck and Best Wishes. Cowboy101.            

Thanks so much for your replies. I'm only 7 and a half stone so it does look quite noticeable when my stomach sticks out so much but I'm grateful for your suggestions and will try them. Does anyone else get a horrible ache low down in their back as well?

My wife told me that before starting her medication for PD she also used to have a horrible ache in the small of her back, luckily, for her, it stopped when the medication started. It could, quite simply, be that your medication is either too strong or not quite strong enough, only a medical expert could tell you for sure. Still wishing you Good Luck and Best Wishes.                                                                                                                                                   

Thanks so much Cowboy101 and to your wife for all your help. Don't start on medication till I see specialist in Jan but it certainly sounds like PD is causing my problems. Thanks again for your help

I've a bit of success in reducing back pain with a thinner pillow - a big pillow ws causing more curviture.

Hello Turnip that makes sense as it's bad during the night and wakes me up when I turn over. Thanks very much for your suggestion I'll try it

Anymore remedies for bloating and wind would be appreciated. Will definitely try the ginger cordial.

Hi Justinsmam

i also was worried about bloated stomach but coping better since I learned I must have smaller meals and snack more often due to slow movement from stomach to bowel.  I also have found that microwaving my prunes for 15 secs which I have each day with my cereal is excellent for keeping me regular.  Not immediately relaxing after meals with tv is also a good idea.  Seems to help with digestion. Hope it helps in some way.  Good luck.


i've found that, contrary to general opinion, drinking gassy drinks eg coke helps with stomach gas as it causes belching which lets out the stomach gas with the co2 from the drink. may not work for other people. 

Thanks turnip.  May be a good suggestion. Worth a try when very uncomfortable.

Am fed up of being asked, "when are you due?"

It is not the normal result of excess.

I know exactly what you mean.