Swollen Ankles

Recently my ankles have been swelling a bit. Does anyone else get this? I sm on Azilect and Stalevo

Best wishes
my husband is on Sinemet his ankles were very swollen . It turned out to be from Amlodopine what he took for high BP .. He stopped taking them didn't have high BP in the first place .
Tell your GP or PD nurse if it gets bad. Mine swell a bit, partly I think from the meds and partly the dystonia in my foot.
spam95 -- Yes, Azilect is definitely the culprit in my case. I had not experienced swollen ankles until just after I started on that med. Like you, though, I have only "a bit" of swelling, and none in cold weather; it's a greater problem in the heat of summer. But compared to other possible side-effects, this one isn't bad. (If the edema spreads upward, however, I'd consult my doctor.)
you should always tell your gp of edema in case it is heart etc and not just pd. in any case water tabs may help.