Swollen Ankles

My wife`s been suffering from intermittent swollen ankles, which hurt her. They stay swollen for a while, and then go back to their normal size until they swell again. Does anybody know of a remedy for this or of a way to stop it happening? She`s also concerned about her toes which seem to be bending under her feet slightly, they look all right to me, but I`m no foot expert, she can walk perfectly well thanks to her medication but she is worrying if the curling toes could be due to the medication. Anyway, the main thing is any advice about the swollen ankles would be appreciated.          Best Wishes Cowboy101!

Hello Cowboy 101

I have a similar problem and have swollen foot and ankle but on just one foot.  I also have curling toes but that is the opposite foot!

I feel sure I have read that this is a side effect of medication.  I take 8mg Requip XL at night and 125 Madopar 3 times a day and am wondering if your wife is on either or both of these.

I have found that wearing flight socks is a great help but getting them on is quite a battle!

Hope this helps.

Best Wishes

Polly M


Thanks Polly M, my wife takes 4mg RequipXL & 8mg RequipXL, so I think you`ve given us our answer. I`ll see if anyone else comes along with any tips which will benefit all of us! The flight socks sound like a great idea, I just hope our dog likes `em!!  Cowboy101



Hi Cowboy101

I'm afraid the curling toes problem is part of the PD according to my consultant, because I had the same thing and I wasn't on drugs then, and it doesn't make any difference to them when you are!


As for the swollen ankles I can't help you unless your wife tries the flight socks regardless of the dog!


Good luck Sheila



I get a prescription for compression stockings (Class 2). The toeless ones are easier to put on (you can get an aid for this from Scholl) and nicer for summer. My swollen feet/ankles were clearly a side effect of the medication(Mirapexin)