Swollen foot

My wife struggles with mobility in her right foot and leg and gets a "restless" leg. In the heat her foot becomes swollen. Not sure if the swelling is yet another symptom of PD. anyone else have similar problems and if so how best to deal with it
many pd drugs cause oedema, but she should see her doctor just in case its something else. diuretics are often given. she should also tell her doctor or neuro about the restless leg - its very unpleasant - but can be treated, often with an extra dose in the evening.
Thanks turnip. She's recently started taking ropinirole and is currently stepping up the dosage. Due to see PD nurse and her GP in next week or so so will raise the matter then. She's had the restless leg for a long while now but she and her neuro are hoping the ropinirole combined with her existing azilecht will ease this once she is on the correct dosage
dopamine agonists are particularly good for restless leg