Swollen legs ankles and feet


I am sorry H, I have no other advice on the subject.
You are a lot more active than I am, I dont know how you fit it all in.
I take it the oil isn’t helping with the sleep either !
Good luck at work Pal.


A very tiring day!!
It’s remembering to take the cbd that is the problem Mal.
I’m off tomorrow so I’ve had a large G&T to wash down the cbd oil.
Let’s see if that gets me to sleep!
Hope you are not in too much pain now.


Good morning H.
A large G&T to wash down the cbd oil, sounds a good plan to me.
I hope it worked and you managed some sleep.
I am getting stronger each day, thanks
Enjoy your day off


My swollen legs are cutting with the slightest knock.
Also the cuts take ages to heal


My swollen ankles were caused by ropinirole which I have now been.taken off. Thank goodness.