Swollen legs ankles and feet

My legs ankles and feet have become extremely swollen and sometimes feel numb.
Especially my right side which is my most affected side.
There’s no real pain and my GP doesn’t seem too concerned.
Anybody else getting this problem?

I had numb feet for about three years before I was diagnosed. No one was really interested, so I have to assume it is another side effect of parkinsons. My left is worse, and does swell up sometimes. I was told to keep my feet up, which I do in the evenings, and I have taken a small dose of a water tablet for a while. The swelling does go down eventually, so try not to worry.

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Thanks JD.

I have been suffering from swollen legs and feet for a while. It turned out to be my hypertension drug amlodipine. Surprisingly (to me!) I also found my fatigue reduced significantly. Chris H

I use capenon for hypertension but recently have been given simvastatina as a supplement.
It would tie in with the start of the swelling I think.
Thanks :pray:

Hi @Hubby,

Swelling is a common problem for people with Parkinson’s particularly for those who have movement difficulties. We have more information on this via the Parkinson’s UK website, here.

If the problem persists, you can always speak to one of our Parkinson’s nurses via our helpline on 0808 800 0303.

Many thanks,

Thanks Reah !

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Hello Hubby, This is my first time on the Forum, just joined yesterday. I have the same problem with swollen legs feet and ankles. I was recently refused a knee replacement until the swellings went down,My GP prescribed Furosemide (water tablets). It works for me. Hope that helps.

Hi malcT.
Welcome. You’re among friends.
I have tried water tablets but they didn’t seem to work.
More tests next week!!

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same for me went to the gp
she told me side effect of madopar & I need to reduce it
next consultant visit he upped the madopar

My question a lot of the time to my medics is
" Drugs or illness?"
This is all new to me so when I get up to pee ten times in the night.
Is it the Parkinson’s or is it the meds?

Hi folks,
Diagnosed last year and it took me a while to get my head round it, but hey ho I’ve just got to deal with it.
I’m suffering from swollen ankles and feet as well and if they get too warm such as in bed or in front of the gas fire in the winter, they go red and ITCH like crazy, but at least they don’t hurt or ache.
Having read some of the posts on here I will ask the consultant about water tablets and see what her thoughts are. No good asking my GP as she says she isn’t clued up enough on PD and won’t write a prescription without the say so of the consultant.
As they say, getting old ain’t for sissys.

Water tablets were a nightmare Nick.
I could only use them when I wasn’t working.
They did nothing anyway.

I stopped wearing socks and the swollen ankles went away

GP suggested pressure stockings yipeeeee next fancy dress i can go as norah batty

I’ll be Compo!!

Asda sell “loose top” short socks. They don’t squeeze my feet into funny shapes.

Hi @Hubby I was visiting my physio last week and he told me I was not putting my feet high enough for the fluid to drain.
I was sitting on a chair with my feet out level with my hips.
He said it should be more like ----/ with my feet higher than my shoulders, it’s not comfortable and I look a right clip. I use a stool and three pillows, but a wall or table would do. I have been doing this for 4 nights.
My ankles are to normal and my calves are going down.
You can but try. Good luck everybody
Take care of yourself H.

My trouble Mal is I can’t sit still for long enough.
My wife used to say " Go for a run you’re driving me mad".
I am going for at least an hour every evening with my grandson now.
To the point when Hollyoaks theme tune comes on he’s up and ready to go.
Back to work in a few hours.
For the first time in 16 years I am worrying about it. 4am and no sleep.

Hi all

Only recently my right foot and ankle are really swollen.

Was going to ask my GP when I go back to see him.