Symprove and probiotic to help Levodopa medication

My dads Parkinson symptoms seem to be getting a lot worse as past few months. He has told me that his bowls movements are only every 2 - 3 days. I have been told that this can affect the Levodopa medication and he needs to be having bowls movements every day for best effects or at least every 2 days. I was thinking of getting a 12 week Symprove course. Does anyone have any experience of Symprove and probiotics? Can it help? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Until you receive responses to your question you could try Lactulose purchased over the counter at pharmacies


Thank you Minky

Hi, I tried Symprove for the same reason. They recommend 12 week use. I found it made no difference at all. Its expensive , about £20 per week but I suppose it would be worth it if it worked.
Biokult probiotics with food (fromAmazon) work for me and are much more reasonably priced.
Plenty of fibre fruit and flaxseeds, some find prunes help but also not for me. Just be prepared to try things but don’t be disappointed if they fail, just move on to the next thing. good luck