Hi Does anyone know anything about symprove it is a proabotic I have read it may help with Parkinson’s symptoms

I’ve been taking Symprove for over a year. I find it helps me avoid constipation, and it certainly does me no harm. Of course the hope is that it also slows down the progression of PD. I have no evidence of that, and unfortunately my PD has slipped quite badly in the last few months. If it only works as a laxative, then it is a very expensive one. Nevertheless, I’m continuing to take it. There is ongoing research on its effect on PD, so I think I’ll wait for the results of that before making a decision.

I’m in the same situation. No definite evidence of it working but will continue taking it until trial results are published.

I am also taking Symprove in the hope it will help delay the day I have to start taking medication. It’s hard to know if it is working.

I took it for three months, it was expensive, tasted lovely, kept me feeling I was fighting disease progression which lifted my spirits…but fundamentally, in the cold light of day, I did not clock any irrefutable motor or non motor enhancement, and so stopped purchasing it. I have not regretted that decision