Symptoms before diagnosis

Hello everyone. I was diagnosed 1 year ago but at that time it was possible my symptoms were side effects of medication. 1 year after stopping it, after which my symptoms lessened but never disappeared, I think I’m getting worse again. I have tremor dominant PD but am also poor at balancing which has been around for many years before the tremor and has caused a few falls. Years ago I rock climbed and did mountaineering so my balance has been most definitely good in the past! I see balance is only recently being more fully researched in PD and wondered if others had similar problems so early in their illness or beforehand? Thank you and take care Tx

Hello sunspots,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had to give up things you loved.

I’m recently diagnosed (6 months) and have some classic PD symptoms - but I also find balance an issue. I’m a fell walker and although that’s not mountaineering it still can get quite risky if stumbling or falling is likely. I’d say that balance was one of the earliest issues for me. Probably predated tremor by a couple of years.

The staging of PD is presumably not an exact science - as there are so many responses to a dopamine shortage as borne out by people’s issues/stories on here. So it seemed, at one point in the diagnosis journey, that I might be mixing two health issues - rather than balance being a part of PD. Seeing your post makes me rethink a bit.

All the best,


Hello J0nath0me
Thank you for getting back to me. I too have wondered if I am combining two issues, ear problems and PD, into a single difficulty. That is why I was asking about other people’s experiences. It sounds like there are at least two of us with a similar story.
Take care, especially on the fells

Everybody is different Sunspots, I’ve been diagnosed for about 8 months. My problems are slowness, fatigue and poor sleep. My balance can be off but I think it’s when I’m slow and fatigued that it’s a problem, Happily the medciations are helping at the moment.