Symptoms before PD diagnosis

Hello everyone I hope you are all in good spirit to face your day to day adventure and struggle.

I was wondering if anyone had the following non motor symptoms prior to official diagnosis of PD:
-Restless leg syndrome
-Sleep apnea
-Sleep disruption at night
-Dizziness when standing up from squatting position
-Attention/Memory problem
-Back, shoulder, and neck pain

I am yet to see my neurologist but not sure if it is worth mentioning these symptoms or not. I have been experiencing them for more than 2yrs at least and others at least 10yrs.
I dont have any motor related symptoms.

Thank you.

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I would say it is worth mentioning any and all symptoms it all helps to give a clear picture and accurate diagnosis when several conditions can present with similar symptoms.

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Hello blessed11

The consultation process by which I was diagnosed consisted of questions, examination of reflexes (with a hammer, and attempts to push me over), and also samples of my handwriting and drawing spirals. There wasn’t really the time/chance to go through other symptoms. But then this was a brief (but thorough) consultation in the A&E dept, and I was fairly obviously quite unwell.

So I guess it depends on how much time you have, and whether the consultant wants/needs to know or asks. I’d try to give as much info as possible.

Thank you for your advice. With all those symptoms I have I wonder if I have PD. I know only my neurologist will be able to answer but let me know please if anyone here had similar non motor symptoms.

Welcome @blessed11, It is a good idea to make write down a list of your conditions and anything else you may want answers to and bring it up with the Neurologist. Once you’ve got a diagnosis I always tell people to speak to their GP Surgery to find out if there is a Parkinsons Nurse in your area. If so then make an appointment to see them so as you’ve got another contact in your armoury. You can also ask on here anything that is troubling you or you wish to know more about.


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Hi blessed11

Im in a similar situation to you with almost the same symptoms, (no apnea though) but i have constant burning sensation in my feet and occasionally get the occasional hand tremors. I’m 51 and a diabetic which i put down most my symptoms to. It was my wife that saw the tremors and finally persuaded me to go and see the doctor which i am doing next week. Finally after suffering for over 3 years with my symptoms i may be getting closer to an answer … i certainly home so

Im glad that your wife was able to convince you to see a doctor. I hope that whatever answer you find that God will give you more strength. Please keep us updated of your diagnosis. Thank you.

I will do thank you

Just to update on my symptoms.
My Testosterone is very low outside the normal range while my LH and FSH are normal which indicate that I have secondary hypogondanism.
However, my neuro does not think I have a PD due to absence of motor symptoms.
Not that I want to have PD but it just seems weird that my neuro thinks PD is motor disease only.

I am back posting update on my symptoms. In early June I noticed some changes affecting my motor skills. My right arm has reduced swinging. Intermittent tremor also becomes noticeable by people around me. My right leg also feels heavy that I am limping while walking. I have now manifestation of both non motor and motor symptoms. No diagnosis yet but I will have an appointment soon.

Hi I also the same hands shaking badly
Now see neurologist next week