Symptoms???fizzing foot and worried.

Not diagnosed with Parkinson’s, as actually going back to neuro for results on possible MS (as even though they say not hereditary) my brother and sister has it. Also been tested for epilepsy (non seizures) but I seem to blank out for a few seconds and have no recollection of what I do or have said as I am still functioning just I have left the building (so to speak) , I have had a range of symptoms (which I wrote down previously) that is getting worse, and have had a couple of people say could it be Parkinsons? I
My latest is like a fizzing In my foot down side of big toe, as well as it seems to be pulsating or tremors constantly, yet I can’t see any actual tremors, does anyone suffer from this??
A range of symptoms I have had for 10 years,
Pain in shoulder,
Pins and needles
Brain fog
Feeling sick
Hand tremors (finger twitches) yet have had them so bad can’t hold a cup of water without it spilling on me.
Hard time holding utensils from time to time.
Left arm lack of swing.
Writing, don’t like to as it is now messy, but also I have like nerve pain in finger tips, and hands.
Back pain,
Cramps in hand and legs, then feeling of hand and feet being cramped for hours.
I am drooling a lot at night yet doesn’t happen every night, found a couple of weeks ago was slightly starting to drool at work, which is embarrassing.
Incontinence, then stomach issues like need to go to bathroom, lightening speed for bowel movements and even though I don’t know sometimes leakage from the bowels, which is embarrassing, as I now have to watch what I eat when I go out, I no longer go out with work mates in case I can’t get to a bathroom in time.
I used to not only work, clean house, have a small hobby business and look after granddaughter and take her to her classes. Some days I can only manage to do my 4 hours a day at work, then will sit on couch next thing I know I have fallen asleep, or if at work sometimes takes all my energy, not to want to just lie down. I have had depression which I never had before and it was triggered by my hubby just saying something insensitive.
I short cut it like I say, where I can’t control my emotions and cry at a drop of a hat, have tremors, dizziness, can’t think straight.
I know something isn’t write, and my family see me struggle but don’t fully understand, as if I am sick I bounce back, yet this time I haven’t bounced back, it’s been on going and I have always been that person that can do it all.
I am worried if my test of MS and epilepsy are negative, that I will be back too square one, and have to go back to go to get another referral? how do I tell my neuro that I think I may have A
Parkinson’s without it sounding like I M a walking medical encyclopaedia? And her dismissing me.

Hi @Lisa1968,

First of all, I’m really sorry that you’ve been having such a tough time with the symptoms that you’ve been experiencing. Everyone’s Parkinson’s is different and if you’re worried you may have Parkinson’s, it’s crucial that you speak to a health professional about your concerns. We have information on the symptoms related to Parkinson’s including questions you should ask your GP which is available here -

Our free helpline is also here to answer any questions you might have about Parkinson’s. Please give us a call on 0808 800 0303 or email us at [email protected].

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Hi Lisa you are having a rotten time, I feel for you. I was similar in 2016 lots of symptoms and not knowing what it was. Once I was diagnosed with parkinsons and started taking the medicine, my life started to improve. I am still working just 4 hours a day 4 days a week, it takes my mind off the parkinsons, you get busy and the time passes quickly. My friends in work know now and are very supportive. Have you spoken to your friends in work about what you are going through ? I can only tell you of my experience, and it’s the not knowing that is the worst. If it is parkinsons it’s not the end of the world, it’s just the start of a different path. Take care :rose::rose:

Thanks for your input. It helps, and honestly whatever is going on at the moment, to just be given validation that something is wrong, and there is a plan whatever it is will be a relief, as then I can start my next chapter of my life. Neuro in two weeks to get some of test results to see if that shows anything. Had to go to go yesterday as two days ago I was holding on to one of my new Craft stamps, and my hand clawed and wouldn’t release the object. Like had a mental blank on how to open my hand back up, my daughter thought I was joking but no joke, we sort of laughed about it, daughter said that my response time was slow with opening and closing that Han. So she got me to walk, balance poor, but she asked why I was walking on side of my foot, I didn’t notice. We have a warp sense of humour so was joking about. By morning back to normal,(what I class as normal now) usual cramping, pins and needles, to name a few. At work it happened again and as I do checkouts, I found it difficult to open bags, hand out money, as again I had no signal going from brain to hand, so changed checkouts and continued my shift one handed. Yet found my affected hand my fingers seemed to have a mind of their own and seemed to group together, yet two crossing over, hard to explain and not sure if anyone has experienced this as not diagnosed as of yet. So this was a new development. Also found lots of tremors in that hand as I had to control right hand with my left. So much going on I just call it short circuiting. Hand is okay now. GP wrote letterletter for my neuro. I think I might be loosing the plot, as today out at cinemas and I got sensation that the bottom two rows of seats were moving like how Ferris wheels work ( can’t explain better then that) and my balance was off like I had been drinking, then from knees down the felt really heavy, and I was shuffling like couldn’t remember how to lift my feet, and my steps were really slow, like really hard to put one foot in front of the other, and slower and I would of screeched to a halt. Oh yes work has been great, as I have been there a while and my bosses know I don’t take time off unless really sick, also as I have short circuited at work a few times in last 12 months and my store manager is now concerned about my balance, so they have allowed me to take time off to clean the house, as I haven’t figured out yet, how to clean house, cook and work all together. Don’t get me wrong I have great days as well when hardly any symptoms, yet then I overdo it and back to square one. My bosses are really great and are very flexible and allow me to take time off at busiest time of the year as I can’t cope when it is really busy. My supervisor is coming with me to neuro Appointment and going to tell her what she observes at work, my store manager and front end manager are going to write letters for my neuro. Went off on a tangent I am sure. Thanks for replying to me appreciate it. Work keeps me sane, but I know that my managers are wondering how much longer I can keep battling on.