Symptoms of Parkinsons

Hi I am new to this forum, my husband may be having symptoms of Parkinson’s but we are not sure… he has the hand tremors for a few years… he is 45. A strange smell started about a year ago coming from his scalp… only way I can explain this is a musty smell. I have tried all types of shampoos and about 1 hr after washing hair the smell starts to come back. I spoke to a pharmacist who had heard about a similar story where a woman could smell a similar smell 10 years before her husband was diagnosed… has this happened to anyone on here? Thanks

Hi @Ger,

I wanted to pop in for a moment and welcome you to our community. I’m happy to see you’re already starting to post and engage with the Forum - hopefully community members will be stopping by soon to say Hello and offer their thoughts. You’re safe to share here. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately everyone experiences Parkinson’s and its symptoms differently, and a diagnosis is not as easy or simple as the appearance of one or two symptoms - even if one of them is tremors. You are right to be concerned for your husband, but there could be other explanations for what he is experiencing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking the community for advice, but I believe you and your husband need some additional support and help as well.

I would highly recommend that you contact a health care professional about his symptoms - does your husband have a GP that you can both speak to? If not, you can give us a ring on the helpline on 0808 800 0303 and one of our advisers will be able to help you locate someone. They will help you get through this so you can better understand what’s happening.

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Hi thanks for the reply so long ago now .this is still an ongoing problem and his gp is laughing him off a few times over the last while…