Symptoms similar to restless leg syndrome

I was diagnosed with PD about 8 years ago. In addition to the general PD symptoms I suffer from symptoms similar to RLS ( cramping, creepy crawling, and throbbing of the lower legs). These have been made worse by chemotherapy for lymphoma. The symptoms have been very severe the last 4 or 5  nights (not so severe during the day) accompanied by lower back pain. I am taking Gabapentin ( 4x300mg a day) for neuropain. Can any fellow sufferers recommend treatments/therapies which worked for them.

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Hi Boyo, you may find it helpful to read some other forum conversations that people have had in the past about restless legs syndrome and similar symptoms. If you click on 'Search' in the menu to the left-hand side of this page you can enter the words there.

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see if you can get referred to a physio i suffer with leg & back and they have really helped also just started going for a swim gentle & sauna ,helped with circulation !

I was suffering a lot with RLS and when I mentioned it to my neuro he sent me for blood tests because he said anemia can cause this and he was right I was very low on iron and I also have B12 deficiency which I have injections for, I still suffer now and again but it's nowhere near as bad as before. I hope things improve for you!

Thanks to those who responded.