Symptoms worse since diagnosis

Since I was diagnosed 9 days ago, I am experiencing worse symptoms. For a few years now, I’ve had a slight tremor in my right arm. Now I have a tremor in both arms and my right leg. Also, it almost constantly feels like something is touching my ears (???), and my forehead muscles keep tightening on their own.
Surely symptoms don’t accelerate this fast? Is it maybe that I am so stressed? I’ve never ever been this stressed and helpless!

Hi @Chris_H, :wave:t5:

I’m really sorry to hear that your symptoms have worsened, I can only imagine how stressful this has been for you. Parkinson’s affects everyone differently and so you may find that the advice given from the community may differ from person to person.

However, I would encourage you to speak to your GP about your symptoms as it may be side affects to your medication as opposed to your symptoms actually getting worse. If you need more advice and/or support, please give our helpline team a call on 0808 800 0303.

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Hi Reach,
Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately I’m not on PD meds yet as I’m still waiting for the diagnosis letter from the consultant. Apparently it’s awaiting signature.
I have received a signed invoice however.


Hi Chris
I’m so sorry to hear how you are feeling, but already a few of the members have sent you encouraging words,and of course you can always keep coming back for advice from others who are in the same boat. I wish you lots of luck,tomorrow is another day.

Hi Chris_H. The stress is almost certainly adding to your symptoms. My partner was diagnosed 3 years ago and we were amazed at how quickly the medication made a noticeable improvement to his symptoms and other people have said the same thing. I would expect that once you start on medication things will improve quite quickly. If not then you should probably speak to your GP or consultant. I do hope this is sorted out quickly.

I had the same experience recently diagnosed and agree impacts of stress are significant and this site a real help. I’m on meds very low dose waiting for clinic to review next steps so waiting too and trying to put it in the best perspective I can but know that’s hard. Wishing you support very soon Mark

Thanks everyone. I now have my meds and have taken the first one. 50mg of Madopar.
I see it’s not to be taken with food. Can I have a coffee within an hour though?

Hi Chris_H I am on sinemet but I guess they are similar. I was told that protein was the big one to avoid. Is there protein in milk? If you have your coffee black you should be ok.

Hi Neil, I can’t take milk as it messes with my throat. I use rice milk, which after a quick Google contained 0.03% protein, so should be ok.

I’ve not tried rice milk, I usually have oat milk but I’ll seek it out and give it a try. Thanks for the heads up