I have not been diagnosed with anything but have had shaking and involuntary movements (slow) when at rest for 2/3 years now. E.g. a finger will suddenly but slowly raise itself or my whole hand will curl up when I am just sitting. I did see a neurologist who was not concerned. I have not consulted anyone else since. For the last two weeks I have an intermittant quivering in my right breast. I’ve read about internal tremors and quivering - anyone witH PD have this please. No pain just internal quivering as there are no muscles in the breast it must be a nerve thing.



I have no diagnosis but get internal tremors whenever I’m at rest.

I know these tremors are not harmful but they are very disconcerting.

They started in my arm and have spread across my chest towards my shoulder on the other side.

For me they feel very intense… pretty much like I’m sat on a tumble dryer but no one, including myself can see any movement at all… I thought I was going nuts at first.

It will be interesting to see other people’s experiences of it.