Hi there. just wondering if someone could help me out. I am almost 60 and over the last month or two I have noticed that my right foot in particular is continually tightening, spasm like. it is most uncomfortable and hampers my sleep at night. There is quite a lot of numbness and coldness in both my feet with pins and needles as well. My doctor has referred me to a neurologist and thinks it might be Parkinson’s, From what I have read I don’t think it is but I could be wrong. I have difficulty walking properly because of the numbness and heaviness in my left foot so I have the feeling that I am dragging it somewhat. The doctor thought that I was shaking a little but I put that down to my anxiety. I don’t have a resting tremor. So please share your thoughts. I am a terrible worrier and would appreciate any feedback. KInd regards to all

Hi @boomerang83,

I wanted to take a moment and welcome you to the community. I’m sorry to hear your right foot has been giving you issues, but you are in good hands here. As you will soon learn, our members are very supportive and quite knowledgeable about all things Parkinson’s - I’m sure they will be along shortly to share their thoughts and experiences with you on this.

If you were interested in learning a bit more about Parkinson’s, I would recommend checking out our What is Parkinson’s page. It may help explain some things and maybe even answer some of the questions you’re currently wrestling with.

You are also more than welcome to reach out to one of our advisers on 0808 800 0303 with any questions or concerns you may have.

No matter what the outcome of your referral with the neurologist you are not alone!

Best wishes,
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Hello boomerangs83 and welcome to the forum. It is difficult to know what I can say because you do not yet have a diagnosis and you admit to being a worrier, so I doubt saying you’ll be ok will hold much sway with you or stop you worrying. Nor can I really comment on the symptoms you describe since a) I’m not a doctor and b) if I was able to offer an explanation I would hesitate to do so for fear of causing you more worry. What I can say to you absolutely is that if you are to find yourself with a diagnosis of Parkinsons you will always find support here on the forum and although you will no doubt find it difficult to believe, it is possible to live a good life with Mr Parky in tow. Do try not to worry too much or second guess what might be if you possibly can. It serves no purpose except providing an environment where your brain goes into overdrive and you start thinking all sorts. Better to wait until you have a proper assessment - hopefully you won’t have to wait too long for an appt. Good luck, take care and let us know how you get on

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Thanks for your prompt and helpful response. Much appreciated.

Hello boomerangs83
I was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2010, my feet have been a problem from the start. I recognise some of your description, but these days Dr A will tell me the problem is dystonia because of the Parkinsons, and Dr B will say It is peripheral neuropathy. Whatever, whichever, it is a painful nuisance and if yours turns out to be like mine I can only recommend really good shoes. There are brands where you can take the inner sole out which gives you more depth for your toes without them looking like barges. I am 74 now, I still live independently, I can cope with public transport and walk for about half an hour before needing to stop for a rest. Best of luck to you.

Thanks for reply. My feet are really the problem. They feel like they are seizing up most of the time particularly at night time. Sleep is almost impossible because I continually twist and turn to get a comfortable position. My left foot is almost numb when I awaken and freezing cold besides. I can only get relief when I am on the move so I wear a good pair or runners. Doctor isn’t sure where source of problem is. He has referred me to a neurologist but earliest appointment is 7 May. In the meantime I am left in no man’s land not quite sure what to do. I have become very anxious which doesn’t help. I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to cope with my dilemma. I have become obsessed with Parkinson’s and continually catastrophise my situation. Thanks in advance.

Just to add, I seem to have a lot of pins and needles sensations in my feet. I feel that my waking gait is somewhat compromised as I am more conscious of my left foot. I don’t shuffle but my gait is slower. Once I am up and about I can get into a good walking rhythm. When I am not active that is when I get spasms and tightening in my feet. Any miracle cures out there? Please share your thoughts. Much appreciated!

Just been diagnosed with PD. Strangely a relief to know but still a shock. Neurologist said he wasn’t worried about me whatever that means. He has an excellent reputation and he assured me that things would be ok. He wrote me a script for medication, starting on a low dosage and then increasing each week. He pencilled me in for an appointment on 14 July and then he would review the situation. So that is where I am at the moment. Hopefully script will be ready shortly. Where do I go from here? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am still very anxious and can only visualise the worst.

Hello. I’m Pauline and diagnosed five weeks ago with Parkinson’s. I have experienced the symptoms since last year and pushed my concerns to one side with being the carer for my husband who suffers Alzheimer’s and the sudden passing of my son.
I visited the GP in January this year who referred me to The Walton Centre, Liverpool. I live in North Wales and we do get referred across the water.
Since my diagnosis I have had an MRI scan, been seen by a GP in our surgery who deals with neurology, referred to physio and occupational therapy. Had a swallow assessment where a mild dysphasia was diagnosed. Now awaiting blood tests next week.
I’m very impressed by the support.
I struggle with my left hand and have mild left sided tremors. My walking gait has also changed. I also have a great deal of arthritis and the pain from that as well as muscle stiffness is a nuisance to me. I try not to take medication for pain and unable to tolerate anti inflammatory medication.
I take our rescue dog on short walks, about a mile and only in dry weather. She is definitely a fair weather dog.
I am nearly seventy five but have always been active in both work and voluntary work. I am Secretary of our local village hall and a Councillor on our Community council. I recently resigned as a school governor.
I sing in the North Wales Rock choir but finding it problematic as a soprano as I find my voice becomes hoarse at times.
I joined the local Tai chi class and attended the first session yesterday and found it enjoyable too. I have also had reflexology these past few months which has also been beneficial…very relaxing.
I find myself under a great deal of stress although I tend to internalise my feelings. My husband is unable to grasp everything about my Parkinson’s but is trying very hard to understand
Thank you for reading my blog. There is so much more I could add but it may be boring after a while.
I look forward to reading the stories of others with Parkinson’s.
I am sure I can learn a great deal from them. :blush: