Tablets and delusions

Hello to you all in Parky delusion land I have found reading your post,s very helpful and it always makes you feel better when you realise it is not just you.I would like to know if you have had this problem.My Husband has been taking his medication really well and then it al goe,s wrong and I can not seem to get him to see how things really are he believes that there are more people involved with his tablets and the really bad thing is on Saturday he fell asleep in the chair for no more than 25 min,s I was on the computer at the time and when he walked into the room I could see he was in trouble I call it scary eye,s he was very upset and said he had to sort the times out because he had let the other people down and that he was so sorry and then he became very upset which is something I can not bear to see him so sad, So I did what I always do and tried to tell him that he had not let anyone down and in fact he still had 45 min,s till he,s next tablet.The problem is because when he first started on Sinemet he was taking the first one at 9 o,clock so any changes which of course are going to happen all the time and then it all goes wrong.Today we have spent the whole day trying to make him see that whatever time he takes the first one then the next follows in 4 hours time and so on as he takes 4 per day. Also he has been sitting staring at his watch and our clocks for what seems like forever so I asked him to draw a clock at a certain time so no problem there.And today God forbid he took his first one at 8/30 so the 30 min,s after the hour became what seem,s like insurmountable problem so if you have seen this befor then you might be able to help.With lots of love to you all and I hope you have a good nights sleep. Tupps

i hope you dont mind if i make a suggestion, probably competely daft. but you can buy 4 hour sand timers (like giant egg timers) for $25. if you used one of them instead of a clock it wouldnt matter what time the first tablet was taken.

When my husband first started taking his Sinemet he use to drive me batty asking when the next one was due etc . It worried him all the time . Everything seemed to be magnified any little thing . When hus next appt was if we were expecting anyone so may things . I started making a list of the things that was worrying him and as they happened we would cross them off . It did help a little and after a time he settled down to a routine which unfortunately kept on changing he also took warfain which seemed to change most weeks in the beginning .

I am sure he will setle down .I do hope so . It's not always possible to keep patient however much you want to and try .

I lose it now and then but always apologise straight away , he does understand after all we are only human . Good luck

Hello Tupps,

So sorry to hear you are having these problems, it's one thing after another with PD isn't. You can get various pill boxes with timer's and we bought a watch that the blind people use as it can be set for every hour and will give you the actual time, they are about £10. The other thing that comes to mind is does he have a urine infection as confusion get so much worse with them. I could be worth talking to your PD nurse about the confusion as sometimes a drug review is needed, Just throwing in a few idea's I hope might help.
If your husband likes music, that often helps to calm people, I don't know we tried all sorts for my husband when he was at home, lets hope things will improve for you both.
best wishes

Hi Tupps

My hubby has set his alarm on his mobile phone to go off every four hours. Trouble is now we always seem to be living and waiting for the phone going off and these four hours seem to go so quick but it has helped not forgetting to take the tablets as for the first few days he had missed by an hour and we had to recalculate the times so I understand why your husband is always watching the clock. It seems to have taken over our lives at the moment but I am sure we will get used to it :grin:not much else we can do really.

It does seem to be like that , take over but it does start to become a way of life

Thank you all for your kind advice, as usual I asked our Son and he suggested that for a while I take over the tablets and just give them to him when due.which worked like a dream as soon as we started this routine all his stress went and we made real progress and now we have settled into a fairly good pattern we just dont make to much of it and we now remind each other . And I do not worry and keep trying to make him get it right so we are both happy so fingers crossed this will last for a long time.I would also like to say that he is doing very well and getting back to doing some of the jobs that went on hold for a long time when he keeps his mind busy he is much better even if he thinks I am a slave driver, I am very proud of him he has taken all this so well. With much love and support to you all Tupps. x

Hello Tupps,

How lovely to hear things are much better for you both, may they remain so for a long time.
All the very best