Tackling putting on new clothes in a changing room

now winter is neally with us,it time to get out ur winter items,or buy new ones:smile:how do u get on in a changing room in the shops? does goin for a couple of items turn out to be a hole day?

i bought a new winters coat ,jumpers and trousers and struggled that much in the changing room ,it was crazy ,exhausted,even the disabled room was not big enough for me to swing me arms around:laughing:,took me most of the day ,stoppin startin ,sweatin buckets,goin for a drink and a break ,wot a nitemare,but now i got erm ,roll on winter im ready for u :laughing:

ARE YOU ALL READY TO:wink::smile:
Hi Ali
hope you are well. I've stopped trying on clothes in store because as you say its a traumatic experience. I've seen me trying to get something over my head and being stuck!!
I now buy them, take them home and try them and return if not suitable. If I'm not in my home town shopping then I make sure the store has a branch near me. :smile:
I won't even attempt to try things on in shops, I struggle to get dressed in my own home sometimes even with help, so there's no way I could manage on my own in a shop changing room and they're not really made for two people unless it's a disabled room, even then I'd find it stressful and tiring, I just buy what I like or need and try it on when I get home.
just to let u no it was not me alone tryin to get these clothes on ,i had a carer with me,in a disabled fitting room,i dont think it maters if u got help or not in those places it still a nitemare doin it,never agin ,im goin to do wot u both do ,get the clothes and take erm home to try erm on ,sounds much beter tome than strugglin all day:smile::smile:
Ali I know exactly what you were feeling when out shopping, like Gill I never go out to buy clothes, presents anything any more I be exhausted even thinking about it.

I must admit I shop from home and buy many items from that well know shopping channel who offer 30days on returns, this way I can try things on in the comfort of my own home and if they don't fit or suit me I send them back...simples.

Don't stress yourself out it is energy wasted. and by golly we all don't need the hassle.

Radz xx
You all make me feel so much better. I now try absolutely nothing on whatsoever. It is painful beyond belief.

I simply refuse to humiliate mmyself anymore, i do however always take time trying shoes on since otherwise it is a coplete waste of money. These are my most important purchase since I need to be glued to the floor.

When I look back I can remember that that my husband would refuse to try things on in the shop .. Of course I realise why now .
Like everyone says I now shop for things for him to try at home and make sure I get a larger size to make things easier for him . He does wear a lot of waistcoats and Gilets . much easier to get on and off He hates wearing a coat especially if he has to put it on and take it off in front of other people .
The stress make it worse for him .
I tell him not to think about it but thats easy for me to say isnt it ..
I also mostly opt out of using changing rooms by ordering my clothes online from Cotton Traders and such companies, whose sizing is consistent. If anyone needs help could I suggest two good experiences I've had - Debenhams do a Personal Shopping service which means in practice that you give someone a vague idea of what you want and they not only do the legwork for you, but also park you in a larger room and help you with your dressing needs.
Also M & S have been very helpful when I have asked for assistance with dressing - not over fussy but just the support I required. Hope that gives some ideas to Parkie friends x
Hi every one glad to hear about every ones struggles my poor daughter comes shopping with me although its a nightmare we try and turn it into a good girlie laughing session
Take care every one
I went shopping in M & S a few weeks ago for bras. I found trying them on very trying, as you might say. I was so sticky that it was almost impossible to swing the bra round after doing it up and I thought I would have to ask the assistant for help! I managed in the end, although I think she would have helped, as the staff were very patient with my being slow and dropping things.

I have always got hot in shops, with all the lighting, and found trying on tiresome and slow, but it is much worse now, with the PD. I fumble with my handbag and the hangers and my stick and usually drop something, which makes me even more flustered. These days the slightest exertion makes me perspire so much from my head that it drips down my neck or onto my glasses. I am not sure if that is due to the PD. I always got hot and sticky, but not so much from my head in the past. My fringe gets saturated and I have to comb it back, where it dries stiff because of the salt.

Like others above, I buy most of my clothes from catalogues, but with some things you can't tell if they fit unless you try them on.
Hi eeverybody! i like shopping but since few months it became a very tiring experience. Especially for bra and T shirts. If I know my size and the brand sometimes, I do not try the item , I buy it . DO not try more than 4 items when in the changing room otherwise you will be exausted and depressed.
I changed even the type of colours. More bright colours, yellow orange, white of course, NO BROWN, little black, NO GREY.:smile:
If you go with your husband/wife tell him/her to seat and be patient.
Hi dunia i have the same troubles fortunatly for me my daughter likes shopping and dosnt mind helping me i find shoes a nightmare to buy. Enjoy your next spending spree Chris

Hi everybody, many years passed away . I'm 62  yrs now and  about shopping

1.I like places where Im not feeling stressed or hurried up.

2.When I go for shopping,  I become exausted very fast so I ask somebody to come  with me, like my sister or my husband.

3.Im wearing always  colours like red, white , violet . blue, dark blue , orange, Black for some special occasions, NO brown, NO grey (these colours are not positive for me )

4. My question for the forum is :What kind of shoes do you mostly use for winter time? I will be pleased if somebody will answer me.I need light warm and confortable shoes and it is not so easy to find shoes with all these qualities.

Try Reiker or Hotter. They are expensive but not much more then Clarks these days.