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Hi everyone,

Have you heard about our new Take Part Hub?

By taking part in research you can help us develop better treatments and find a cure for Parkinson’s. And now, it’s easy to browse research for you with our Take Part Hub.

By simply entering your postcode you can connect with the latest world-leading research. Whatever you’re ready for, you can make a difference for the Parkinson’s community. From completing a questionnaire at home to trialling new treatments, find all kinds of research on the Take Part Hub.

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Let us know what you think! :grinning:

Hi Reah

I think this is a great initiative - I have already participated in two of the studies in my area but I can now see there are many more.

Are you aware of any ways of proposing new studies? I have read a number of posts questioning why there are no studies into things like ketogenic diets… maybe there is a way of people coming together on this forum to develop and participate in new studies?


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Hi JF,

Thank you for your feedback.

I have passed your questions onto our research department and will keep you posted on their response.

Best wishes,