Taking Amitriptyline tablets and its side affects


I have been prescribed 10mg Amitriptyline to take each night. This was because i get very painful and uncomfortable restless legs and have problems sleeping.

I was orignally prescribed Ropinirole but this didnt help and at times the symptons were worse.

I know nothing about Amitriptyline and am concerned about the side effects especially as it says no drinking :) Its seems to be an anti depressant and doesnt mention anything in the paperwork regards to my symptons.

Has anyone taken this medication or has any information on the side affects they may have experienced. I trust the doctor, but im a little concerened about if its the correct medication for me and that i have to now change my life style. Not that im a heavy drinker but it is a part of my social life.

Thanks in advance
HI Girl Red,
10mg of amitriptyline is a very low dose,and a low dose is usually prescribed for pain relief,I take 40mg at night and this helps with sleep,pain and in my case bladder,Ihave an overactive bladder and this helps considerably.
I was prescribed amitrpityline by my G.P and when diagnosed with Parkinsons was told to stay on this dose.I also enjoy a drink and have no problems although I am aware it says no alcohol,it might make you sleepier but makes no difference to me,everyone may be different.Hope this helps.:stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks Anne29, your comments reassure me a little. I just wasn't too sure if it was the right medication. Like you say its a low dosage and maybe i'm worring too much.

I take Amitriptyline for neck pain. I only take 10mg at night and it has been great!!!. It really helps with my pain and as a happy side effect it got rid of my dizziness to (must have been linked to muscle pain in my neck)

It initially made me tired but that went after a week or so.


Would you reccomend taking about an hour before bed?
Hi Girlread
I was, like you, unsure about taking amytriptilene. 10mg was prescribed to control night time bladder urgency - works great - and also to promote a deeper sleep so that I didn't have so much REM sleep with nightmares. I'm now up to 30mg/40mg to try to control the sleep problems. I get a bit snoozy in the middle of the day but the sleep dreams are a bit better. It is a low dose and works for me. I've been on it now for over 4 years
Hope that helps.

Hi irlred
Forgot to say that I take it about an hour before bed - longer than that and I fall asleep in the chair, less than that and it takes me ages to get to sleep. Guess its trial and error for what works best for you.
Thanks Jennyb, i'm still alive and kicking having taken some last night. thanks very much, i shall stick with it and see how it goes.
My grandmother was prescribed this to help her sleep as well. I don't know the dose, but it turns her into a zombie! She is 88 years old and quite small, and she has problems with quite a few medicines, so it may be her rather than the amitriptyline, but it may be something to be aware of, or to mention to friends/family in case they notice a difference in your, how shall I put it - alertfulness?!
yes i take it about an hour before bed. By taking it at night i don't feel drowsy at all during the day.
I hae been taking it an hour before bed, and i have had the best 3 nights sleep i have had for a long time. I am drowsy in the day but still able to function and do a days work.
It maybe all in the mind because its suppose to take a few weeks to kick in. Either way i'm feeling slightly better.

I look forward to the weekend where i will chance a pint of beer and see how i go.
it kicked in straight away for me!!!!. I too sleep so much better now and without the neck pain and dizziness I had I feel so much better in myself.

I too work full time in a very stressful and emotive job so need to be on my game, every day. Amitriptyline helps me to do that.

Has anyone tried hypnosis for pain management