Taking iron tablets

Hubby age 68 has clocked up 11 years fighting PD, very positive, very fit and slim, used to run marathons, has his own gym in the garage, still plays table tennis & bowls on good days. Normally has mild transient ‘off’ patches and struggles with low blood pressure due to autonomic nervous system involvement. Suddenly early June he started struggling with major ‘offs’. PD nurse couldn’t spot why at clinic last week and asked us to monitor every aspect - ‘offs’, meds, BP, meals. We started a record chart! Yesterday we read in Summer 2022 Parkinsons magazine p13 that iron tablets can interfere with the uptake of Levodopa and this correlates with his GP prescribing them for anaemia at the beginning of June. He stopped taking them yesterday and today is back to his old self - has just gone out to play bowls!! The chart shows a remarkable improvement so far today. Early days, but we are interested in hearing whether anyone else has experienced bad effects from iron tablets?