Taking madapar and stalevo

Hi I just have been prescribed madapar and Stalevo, to take together, i have never got on top of my Parkinson fatigue since my diagnosis, and loose half a day because i am sleeping , the idea is that the madapar will give me the extra boost, so i can have some quality of life, has anyone tried this. like to hear from you, any advice?

Hello @marc

Welcome back to the forum and thanks for your message. I am sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing difficulties since your Parkinson’s diagnosis, I am sure that is really frustrating and upsetting for you.

We have some information about Madopar on our website which may be helpful. I am sure others will share their experiences too, but in the meantime don’t forget you can always contact our helpline on 0808 800 0303 or by emailing [email protected] to speak to a trained adviser, including a Parkinson’s nurse who will be able to give you more information and support. We are open 9am-7pm Monday to Friday so please do give us a call.

Best wishes,

Emily - Forum Moderation Team